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    Empty folders

    Hi! I dont know if this has come up before, but there is one tool I would love to have inside CCleaner. A tool that list up empty folders, and gives the option to delete them. I know a lot of these utillities has this option, but I really dont wanna use "another tool", since I use CCleaner for all my cleaning. An option for "list empty folders with empty folders inside like empty" would be great. In my humble optinion; a tool like this would make CCleaner a greater tool. (If you think you dont have any empty folders, you have either just installer XP, or you have nev
  2. Icons on desktop: Trashcan. Thats all. I keep a tight and tidy start-menu so I dont have to have many icons on the desktop.
  3. We where just discussing some aspects of the version-numbering. It was released a while ago, so you are probably using the newest version.
  4. Close to version 2? Doesnt version 1.20 come after 1.19 ?
  5. Would it be more clear for the awerage user to pump up the version-number even more? Lets say, put a letter behind the version if its "only" a bugfix? many of my friends are so called newbees, and if it doesnt have a clear higher number they say its not worth updating... People are kind of lasy, I update every update there is, but I can understand that many people arent so hasty when the updates is: x.xx.xx1 to x.xx.xx2 Maybe its the x.xx.XX that is the trouble? Maybe x.xxa to x.xxb would be more cclear? Anyway, its my few cents...
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