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  1. I just reformatted my laptop twice over the course of the past week. CCleaner has always been a mainstay on my laptop due to its effectiveness of freeing up diskspace. However, the first time I reformatted my laptop (it's an acer with Windows 7 on it, by the way) I put CCleaner onto it and the first time I started a cleaning session (very secure, 35 passes) it would hang up on a certain file (most recently it hung up on a file in the recycle bin). I would try and cancel the scan. The result? The entire operating system becomes unresponsive to any input. I would get a message saying something like "the program isn't responding, it may become responsive again if you wait. Would you like to end the process?" Of course, selecting end process didn't do anything, and I was forced to do a hard shut down. It ticked me off to the point that I decided to reformat it again to see if it changed anything. I put CCleaner back on and lo and behold! It changed jack. And of all the cleaning sessions I've run since reformatting it again, it always locks up my pc over a file in the recycle bin. Why is it freezing up my PC like this? Why is it hanging up on files like this? What can I do to get my laptop back to normal?

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