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  1. I have the same problem over the last several versions of CCleaner, and have posted a thread on this some time back but there was no response or solution. I have mixed emotions that others are having this problem, though it does seem to validate what I was experiencing at the least. I currently am running Windows 8.0 / 64 bit / Dell laptop CCleaner 413 AVG AV 2014 (current) The problem is not consistent but happens frequently to me. I am running three versions of Chrome on my system as test beds; Google Chrome, Opera, and Software Iron. All of these are current versions as of the date of this post. Of these, Software Iron is the only Chrome-based browser that is getting any regular usage suggesting that the error message CCleaner gives is assuming all versions of Chrome are "Google Chrome" which is not the case of course. All browsers were allowed to install their standard installation in their default loactions. None are portable versions. This problem arises even when Google Chrome has not been launched what so ever for days or weeks. I have followed the suggestion to turn off background tasks in Google Chrome and Software Iron but that has not worked. Further, that is not a readily-available Settings menu item in Opera's version of Chrome. And again, like Google Chrome, Opera is almost never used. CCleaner gets to a certain point in its process then reports that Google Chrome is still running and asks if I want to quit that program in order to proceed. I acknowledge that and CCleaner tries but fails to close Google Chrome (or what ever is running). It then offers to Force Quit Google Chrome, which it does when i allow it, then finishes its operation. After the force quit operation I don't see the issue again. It usually returns after the SWIron browser is used, but again, not always. This is very perplexing. Since CCleaner hangs at this point and refuses to proceed until Chrome is stopped, there is no ability to allow the program to proceed on its own. You have to babysit it through this process. DMK
  2. Windows 8.0 CCleaner 410 Chrome (various flavors) I'm noticing that Chrome browser may not fully close at all times and may be idling invisibly in the background. When I go to use CCleaner it reports that Chrome (Software Iron and Google's version) have to be closed to allow CCleaner to run. Since it is running in the background CCleaner has to force quit the Chrome application. Anyone else seeing this? I'm guessing this is a Chrome bug but it manifests in CCleaner.
  3. Windows 8.0 Dell Inspiron laptop All Windows updates and KBs installed as of 22-Jan-14 CCleaner 4.09 and 4.10 Google Chrome 32.0.1700.76 Software Iron (a flavor of Chrome) 31.0.1700.0 I have noticed that Chrome seems to be hanging open or idling in the background on both of the above-mentioned browsers. After usage, I usually quit the browser using the "X" in the upper right corner. All indications are that the browser is closed. When using CCleaner, it is reporting that the Chrome browser (either one) is still operating and offers to close the application, so CC can clear its caches. However it refuses to close, so CC pops up the offer to force quit the broser. After I force quit it can continue to clear the caches. This appears to be consistent with the last two versions of CC and also these current version of Chrome from the 2 developers. I believe this is a problem with Chrome since the other browsers, IE10, FF 26, and a couple of others are not having the same problem. Is anyone experiencing anything similar?
  4. No problem. The level of interaction between developers and moderators varies with the company involved. I used to test for Compuserve (way back when...) when their client program was in development (before AOL bought them and killed them). We would meet 1-2 times a year in choice cities to discuss development, user ideas, etc, and then network between ourselves between meetings. I've since retired. It seems in this case the problem was introduced between 1.43 and 1.44 and perpetuated forward to 1.45.
  5. Will do. Any thoughts to share as yet? For a while I thought my AV was killing it but there was nothing in the logs. I have an HP WinXP, SP3 with an Intel processor and a Win7 laptop (64 bit) if that needs a run. DMK Sunclad
  6. Downloaded 1.44.778 from FileHippo and installed it. Note I usually run the installer and allow it to over-write the existing version. Nothing in the installer or notes suggests I need to uninstall earlier versions first. Same results as with 1.45. Also the same truncated log file. Log pasted below: ---------- [2013-02-17 19:07:12] [iNFO ] Recuva v1.44.778 [2013-02-17 19:07:13] [iNFO ] System Info: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3, AMD Athlon Processor, 767MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X ---------- Do they want the dump file? Its about 616 kb as reported in Windows Explorer. I'll save the DMP file but will be re-installing version 1.43 again as that works. DMK Sunclad
  7. Addendum... I had version 1.42 portable installed on a USB stick drive. I tested that and it ran OK off the stick drive. I then downloaded the portable version of version 1.45.858 and installed that on the USB drive and tried running it from there. It also crashed. I then ran it in debug mode to get a log and the log was identical to the one above. After the system polling it stops everything and the error log is truncated. Again, version 1.42 portable on my USB stick drive runs fine and version 1.43, which I re-installed on my desktop, also works fine. It seems a tad odd that it will not run from the USB stick drive and give the same error, and a truncated log. Mighty odd. By any chance does the current version need access to the SSE instruction set? This processor chip is old enough that it doesn't support it. Nothing in the system requirements suggests this, so... DMK Sunclad
  8. Additional data... I have this installed on drive F which is a second drive on this system. The debug address to execute was: F:\Programs\Recuva\Recuva.exe /debug I have been running earlier versions of Recuva on this second drive without issue until this new version. Version 1.43 runs quite well there. DMK Sunclad
  9. I downloaded the standard installer and ran it in debug mode as outlined. The sum total of the debug log is as follows: File name: Recuva_log[1_45_858][16-2-2013_22-38] ---------------- [2013-02-16 22:38:28] [iNFO ] Recuva v1.45.858 [2013-02-16 22:38:31] [iNFO ] System Info: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3, AMD Athlon Processor, 767MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X ----------------- I find it odd that nothing else was in this log. It ends after reporting the video card. This was followed by the built in crash report offering me to send a crash report to Piriform. I'll try a portable version but should I run Ccleaner to get oddities out of the registry after an uninstall? DMK Sunclad
  10. Receiving "Unexpected Error" crashes using Recuva Version 1.45.858. Windows XP, SP3, AMD chipset (somewhat old - this was an early Windows XP box). 768 MB RAM. Recuva is installed on a second drive, Drive "F" (earlier versions of Recuva worked fine from here) AVG 2013 AV installed. All Windows updates available as of 16-Feb-2013 installed and active. ----- When the latest version of Recuva was offered at FileHippo.Com I downloaded and installed it. After the installer ran it offered to launch Recuva without a restart, which I did. After a few seconds the resident crash report screen came up to say that Recuva had experienced an unexpected quit and asked for additional information on the crash. I sent that crash report as offered. I then restarted the system thinking there was a problem with the install and it still manifest the crash on launch after the system restart. Thinking there may be a problem with the installer I went to the Piriform web site and downloaded a fresh copy there. I uninstalled the 'bad' version using Windows Add/Delete programs tool and restarted. Then I ran the installer for the fresh download. The same thing happened with an unexpected quit/crash. I then uninstalled ver 1.45.858 and went back to version 1.43. Version 1.43 is working OK for me. So there seems to be a change between version 1.43 and 1.45 that my system cannot deal with. System info is above. DMK / Sunclad
  11. I second this problem. Same manifestation with the most recent version 1.44.778. I'm running Windows XP, SP3, with an older AMD chipset. Recuva is operating on a second hard drive installed. All of the latest updates from Microsoft have been installed as offered. The program was downloaded using Comodo Browser which is a flavor of Chrome. I'd note that Recuva was working fine for several versions under this configuration but this latest version has a problem for me. I initially saw the update at FileHippo and opted to download it and allowed it to install and overwrite the existing version (1.43.623). When I started the program it immediately launched, gave a brief flash of the splash screen, then locked my system up big time. I could not bring up the task manager to kill it and had to go for the power switch. I thought the update was flawed so I did a full uninstall and took a fresh download from FileHippo since it is a designated download site. The fresh install still locked up my system, so even a fresh install and restart was still a problem. It seems to give a brief display of the flash screen but then locks the system up, or is using lots of CPU or memory to the point that it disables all functionality. After uninstalling the new version (1.44.778) I went to FileHippo and took the last version back (1.43.623) and installed that. The prior version came up and worked just fine and is what I have installed now. So, given that at least 2-4 past versions of Recuva have been working for me without a problem under Windows XP, SP3, and the re-installation of 1.43.623 is working, for me at least the suggestion is that something that changed in 1.44.778 is my problem, not a system conflict with another program. If there is a system conflict it was built in to 1.44.778. The question then becomes, 'what?' DMK Sunclad
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