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  1. My copy of 1.44 is (was) installed in my XP MCE SP3 system (C: drive) When I had it scan my C: drive, it completes stage 1 OK but during stage 2, damage assessment, it gets to 70% and stops. The remaining time keeps increasing from 5...10...15 seconds etc. until I get a crash "send/don't send" window. I've looked at the details of the crash report and it lists more than 60 "modules" (DLLs). I click don't send and Recuva closes. The Event Viewer shows Event ID 1000 which seems to be pretty generic. I rebooted to do a CHKDSK on the C: which found no problems, so I tried Recuva again with the same result as above. Either there's a program bug or there's "something" on my C: drive that it can't deal with. I used Revo Uninstaller Pro to remove version 1.44 and then re-installed 1.43 which does not have this problem on my system and completes its assessment just fine. Any ideas or anyone else having this problem?
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