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  1. This new version is somehow behaving strangely compared to the previous ones: - the drive image shows various "ghost" blue blocks without any file inside. What are those?
  2. Well, it's some time I would like to use SP3, but I'm quite scared about installing it on current system. I'm, instead, creating a clean SP3 unattended setup with apps and patches. It will still take a lot, though. Meanwhile, I'm not sure if trying Speccy on the virtual machine is a meaningful or possible test. I'll let you know.
  3. Did someone have a similar experience or has other suggestions?
  4. The computer still freezes with both WMI and WMI_DE services running. : ( Do you have any more advices?
  5. -once enough files are added to fill the first region they will start filling the other side That's exactly what I expected, but it hasn't happened! The added data filled the first region, then stopped showing up, like it was being written on the purple area (check my first image). Only after many GBs, it reappeared to the other side. Currently I'm not worried about the vastness of the "reserved MFT space", but only that Windows is not considering it, whilst DF is (at least graphically). -In your first post you referred to 500+ fragmented files Sorry, I haven't been clear. The 2 problems are unrelated to each other. Free space defrag on other hdisks caused fragments. It's solved by a simple defrag, but it should't happen in the first place.
  6. Kroozer: ok, thanks anyway Alan_B: here is the full DF window. Previously I've posted the edited image because I had to show the changes in time, whereas the full picture is just "static". All the colours are set to defaults (purple should be "reserved MFT space").
  7. Uh.. not repartitioned? The drive (external) is new and I've formatted it with a single NTFS partition (so it was empty at start). The purple area was there before and after the formatting. It occupies about 1\7 of the total space shown by Defraggler. I've noticed the overlapping issue immediately when adding files, because the violet blocks are near the start of the disk. The space is 50% free for now. Ah, and I have Windows XP.
  8. Two unrelated DF bugs: 1- I've got a problem on my new 2TB external hdisk with purple blocks (only graphical? Tested on Windows XP) Added files seem to overlap the violet area (MFT?). Normal blue blocks have appeared again only after many GB of data. See the example edited image to understand better (free space has been cut out). 2-free space defrag is cool, but it creates fragmentation even when it's not allowed. I've started with 0 fragments, but ended up with 500+ fragmented files (tried on various hdisks) EDIT: added more info
  9. No change, unfortunately. Anyway, these are the resetted values inside .ini file: MainWindowTopSplitterProportionalPos=672 MainWindowBottomSplitterProportionalPos=192
  10. Windows XP SP2, single core AMD Athlonxp 2800+, 1.5 Gb ram, classic theme. Maximized window resets the sections to the size in the screenshot (lower part cut). EDIT: maximize, then close and reopen the program to see the problem
  11. Windows Management Instrumentation service is started and automatic. Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions service, however, is stopped and manual. Should I start it?
  12. Minor graphic problem in DF version 2.11 Maximized window doesn't save the sections' size (frames?). I have to keep DF with a normal big window for that to work.
  13. Windows XP SP2, single core AMD Athlonxp 2800+, 1.5 Gb ram Speccy completely freezes pc, unless I use debug mode and deselect SMART options, process device data, process OS data (all together). Here are some errors (sometimes log is empty or stops at CPUIDSDK::Init) : [2012-11-21 18:01:48] [ERROR] There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper. NewTreeOs.cpp(630) [2012-11-21 18:01:48] [ERROR] Exception catched in file OS\NewTreeOs.cpp, function NewTreeOs::Fill, line 638 [2012-11-21 17:51:27] [ERROR] Exception catched in file Core\NewTreeRootWorker.cpp, function NewTreeRoot::Worker::FillNetwork, line 361 [2012-11-21 17:51:27] [ERROR] Exception catched in file Core\NewTreeRootWorker.cpp, function NewTreeRoot::Worker::FillOsData, line 237 [2012-11-21 17:51:28] [ERROR] Exception catched in file Core\NewTreeRootWorker.cpp, function NewTreeRoot::Worker::FillCpuSdkData, line 146 Can you help me? Thanks Speccy_log1_18_37921-11-2012_18-4.txt Speccy_log1_18_37921-11-2012_17-28.txt Speccy_log1_18_37921-11-2012_17-30.txt Speccy_log1_18_37921-11-2012_17-35.txt Speccy_log1_18_37921-11-2012_17-50.txt Speccy_log1_18_37921-11-2012_18-0.txt
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