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  1. Recovering files using Recuva, I noticed that the file names and folder locations were not preserved, and looking into it via the Internet it seems to be common place. What I resolved to do is look into how the recycle bin works, whether or not there was program to reverse the rename, etc, etc, etc.. All names and locations seemed lost until I found something that seemed exploitable. Apparently, the Recycle bin does away with file names and locations as soon as it hits the folder itself, but only appears to be preserved with the aid of a second file it makes known commonly as Info2. First I tried putting a file into the recycle bin along with it's counter part, but alls that did is separate each part twice more. Another thing I had noticed in the process of learning about the recycle bin is that CMD, when used to delete (del), bypasses the recycle bins process. So, what I did to return my file names and locations is simply use CMD to copy all of the files along with their Info2s into the recycle bin, and then use the recycle bin to restore them in their original name and place. TLDR - To restore file names and locations: Recover files along with their counterparts (prefixed by $R and $I followed by the same name) to their own folder Using CMD with administrative permissions, XCOPY files from recover folder to Recycle Bin folder Restore files from Recycle Bin
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