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  1. Fixed problem Uninstalled Ccleaner using Advanced Uninstaller 11 (v12 sux). Installed latest version of Ccleaner. It works now. So far.
  2. I have the latest version, just downloaded today (May 31). Same problem.
  3. On three on my Win7 systems, clicking on the Cleaner button will cause the Analyze button to immediately be active. On my desktop, it can take up to a minute for it to be active. The 2 desktops and a netbook have Win7 Home and another laptop unfortunately has Win 10. Clicking on the Registry button does not have the lag. Any idea why? It's been happening since at least version 5.09. I'm using 5.40.6411
  4. Recuva found the 2TB+ of files on the crashed NAS. Unfortunately, it would not let me save them to a another drive connected to my PC via the ethernet port. Solution?
  5. Silly question, I know. While waiting for sites to load, MS software to open, and just putzing around, I like to play the standard Games in Win7. Unfortunately, I can't remember which setting in ccleaner wipes all of the game settings. I HATE the defaults of show animations, play sounds, show tips, etc. the idots in Redmond chose but every time I run ccleaner, my preferences are gone and the idiotic game defaults return. So, which / where is the setting in ccleaner to leave my preferred settings alone? Thank you.
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