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  1. Nergal is correct here, IE11 and Edge are using the same databases for storage of data. In this scenario CCleaner is currently unable to determine which process is locking the database. The team are working to find a solution to this issue.
  2. Hi, this might be happening because CCleaner was unable to access the Edge database for cleaning. If you re-run cleaning after the first skip, does the consecutive run of CCleaner still skip Edge?
  3. Hi, could you please provide some details about your system: 1. Version of CCleaner you are running 2. Basic system spec, same as what CCleaner in its header 3. Information about how much memory Task Manager shows is being used by CCleaner when this issue occurs Thanks
  4. Hi, are you seeing these files present in the path immediately after running cleaning? After some quick tests I can see that those particular files are being recreated as soon as CCleaner has cleaned them. They are log files, so very possible that something is writing them back once CCleaner has been run.
  5. HI, there are instances where CCleaner is skipping cleaning for Edge. This occurs when CCleaner has been unable to obtain access to the databases used by Edge. The team is aware of this issue and is working to identify and implement a solution.
  6. Does this happen for all Firefox items or just specific? Also, is this also an issue when switching to English language?
  7. So far we have been unable to reproduce the issue internally. Thanks for the additional info.
  8. FYI - this has been fed into dev team. Will look into it.
  9. Thanks for reporting this. Will look into it.
  10. Hi, can you check the latest version v1.11.42, do you still have the same issue. Various improvements have been made to the performance of App Manager in this version.
  11. Hi, welcome to the forums. What's the version number of CCleaner for Android that you are using? Additionally, has the Analysis completed? Under normal operation the Clean button is not available until Analysis has finished.
  12. Hi Ishraque, Thank you for your offer to help translate CCleaner into your language. I have PM'd you some info. Thanks.
  13. Hi, 1. The 'Customize Analysis' screen allows you to configure which items CCleaner will scan for. The 'APK Files' item is for scanning of APK files (these are Android Installation packages). In many cases these are left on the device after installation if they have been downloaded from a third party or copied onto the device. 2. Locking an item prevents CCleaner from removing it. Based on your screenshot, if you lock an app in the processes screen then CCleaner will not kill that process. Under any of the file sections (Downloaded, APK) locking a file will mean that CCleaner will not remove it as part of the clean process. Hope this helps.
  14. It's also not forgotten about.. it will get updated.
  15. Hi, the team is aware of the issues with Adobe Reader DC and is working on getting it fully supported in CCleaner.
  16. Hi all, CCleaner only writes the entries into the backup file before it actually removes them. The .reg file is created as a place holder with the line Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00, as CCleaner goes through each entry it will write append the file with each registry entry that has been fixed. If you choose to individually "Fix Issue" rather than "Fix All Selected Issues" it will only write the ones you fix into the backup .reg file. Hope this helps.
  17. Hi, please could you re-download 5.05. the issue should be fixed
  18. CCleaner cleans the logs and quarantine files from MBAM. The rule is defaulted to "off" because the quarantine location could potentially have files that a user may want to retain. The rules for other similar applications are defaulted to "on" because they do not include files the user may want to keep. These applications generate logs and files that users may want to remove. Users have the option to remove them via the application UI, CCleaner simply provides single point removal of such files.
  19. Hi rujohan, welcome to the forum. I have sent you a PM about this.
  20. Good spot, thanks for the heads up
  21. Thanks for your translation contribution and for letting us know.. its very possible the release build was created before you had finished your translations. Your translations will be picked up as part of the next release version.
  22. This is something we are aware of and hope to make CCleaner usable for you soon.
  23. Hi, we are aware of this issue and it is on the 'to fix' list
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