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  1. I don't know if this is a good idea because a thorough research for duplicate files can take a lot of time. On the other side it could be very handy if a fast research for duplicate files by same name is implemented but I think it isn't a smal feature to implement (add drive select, change file display screen for duplicate file selection, add main search code and maybe other changes are needed). Greetz Trpplayer79
  2. Hi Cutie_pyie, You only need the files you named to let CCleaner work on a portable device. The English lang is integrated in the EXE therefor you may delete all the lang-XXXX.dll files if you only want the english lang. I think it is standard english but I don't know the differences between all the different lang's. Greetz Trpplayer79
  3. Citrus, I think you have a wrong definition from "portable software" The software is portable from the moment you don't have to install the software and it doesn't write anything in the register on your hard disk. CCleaner V2 doesn't need to be installed (if you unpack the installation package with universal extractor) and doesn't write anything in the register and on the HD I don't know from where you got the info that winapp.ini should be embedded in the EXE? Greetz Trpplayer79
  4. can wait to test it. Will use it mostly portable (on USB stick)
  5. I'll stay with XP for now. Vista is recource consuming and I don't think the security is OK. Due to the fact that the windows code is growing I think it gets more diffucelt to secure it. I think that Microsoft needs to create a OS witch was coded from zero and not start for there new OS from the code from the previous one. If they start from zero I think they can create the same OS with less code and because of the less code also more secure. But due to the cost of starting from zero I don't think they will do this!
  6. I like the new refreshed look. I come here every day more than ones to check if the V2 beta still isn't available
  7. be patient, you will get it when they find the time (code) good enough to be released even if it will be only a beta version you have to be ready with the coding.
  8. If you look at the post of MrG you see that the beta version will be released "shortly"
  9. sorry for the type error. it is safe mode. Because I don't know whats happend I can not say if a restart will make your problem worse or better. normally if you start in safe mode you can login with the administrator account (if you know the password) and then you have full premissions. when you are in safe mode you can try to do the restore of the registry
  10. Have you tried the registry restore in save mode?
  11. He tries to connect it to Win98SE! in that version USB was really plug and prays
  12. I think there is a smal chance that you will find a driver. A programmer must have tried to do the same and created his own driver. But if there was somebody who did this he also have had to share it with everybody sorry I can't give you more possitive info but that is reality
  13. first you have to know the correct type to search for a working driver. you can try to find drivers on the different driver websites driverguide DirverZone and i'm shure that there a other sites where you can search for hardware drivers But if you have the correct type you can use google to search for the driver.
  14. I look forward to see the result of this software. but if it is like the other softwares from piriform it will be excellent
  15. I like the refreched look and the fact that it still is clean and simple! I had expected the Pinform logo already in the current version or the version befor Look forward to test the new release. side note about skins: I don't need a skinnable software because for me the main thing is that the software works good and if possible also fast!
  16. In the forum topic from below you see what the diference will be between the current version and V2 development announcement The current version is not portable but there is a work arround so that you don't have to install the software on the pc or you can try the portable bild of CCleaner. I use the work arround with is not more then registring the necesseraly DLL's with a Batch script befor starting the CCleaner.exe and when you close CCleaner the DLL's registry's are removed. you can find more details here
  17. Thank you for this new version. Great Job!!
  18. Thank you for the great software and that you keep it up to date. I look forward to version 2
  19. there are different ways to determen duplicate files. you can say a file is the same using the file size, the file name, the file checksum, ... maybe one of the softwares you find here can help you. or here the first link is to free portable software.
  20. you didn't miss anything. with universal extractor you can unzip a lot of the setup files that are available on the internet. this setup executable is alsow extractable with this software.
  21. It seems that nobody wants to help me with this. extra info: You don't take a risk by doing this, I take a risk by sending you the donation in the hope you donate it.
  22. I have never tried this one. I have tried if this software really needs to be installed or if it is portable. I used Universal extractor to unzip the setupfile and then tried it by dubble clicking on the executable. The software starts from the extracted folder and the first impression is that it looks very nice. I didn't tested the software completely but is seems to be run without any problem.
  23. Dear, I would like to donate to Pireform for there very good work. I only have the problem that I don't have the correct bankcard to open a paypal account. Normally you should also be able to open a paypal account without a bankcard but in Belgium this option isn't possible. Is there somebody from Belgium that likes to do the donation with there paypal account after my bank transfer to there bank account? Because I'm from Belgium the easiest way is with somebody from Belgium but if there is nobody from Belgium willing to do this I would gladly do the donation by somebody from other countries.
  24. First of all thank you for the good work! I look forward to test the CCleaner V2 and very curious what the new software is??!?
  25. I use this already and I like it because it is simple, video quality is good and it is FREE
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