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  1. Hi , i have 3 tb HD , so i made 2 partitions of 1,36 tb each one. One of the wasnt recognizing by windows , so i made chkdsk , and it erased my folder , but my memory on hd was the same , i concluded that he just erased my folder shortcut . Than i tried to retrieve by using recuva , but the process was taking too long than i cancel it , for my surprise my two partition was gone and became 1 protected by recuva with the name recover , and the only program that recognize is recuva and it says wrong logical size of hd . I dont know what to do i want to have my 2 parttions back and i have important things there ; can anyone help me fast pls , i need to take off that recuva protection and get my archives back PLS HELP(sry , for the bad english) , HELP ANYONE PLS
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