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  1. I also just got spam email via the email address I gave this forum in May 2009. The sender was also "operation jubilee" Dated 13 Oct 2012, Return-Path is a username at an Ukrainian domain ua Subject: Operation Jubilee - Rules of Engagement. @qsdewa At first the email appears to be empty, but when I view the source one can see a political message about Greece and more. I create for every separate forum / logins a separate emailadress / alias in my domain which is never used elsewhere. I *never* posted this email address on the forums in a post. I've never used it to send an email. (In general, because of my cautious behaviour I almost never receive spam) I do not believe someone hacked my email / webhosting provider, because more customers would have been hurt, and I would have heard of this. @suman @everthewatcher If that were the case I also would be getting loads of spam to <email addresses > at my domain, but I don't. But I did get the same spam as you sent to the unique address used just once to sign up to this forum in May 2009. The reason is simple - somewhere the data has been leaked, hacked or sold. What do the moderators have to say? Still no answers, like 'we'll look in to it' 'you're completely right' or 'we used the money to buy a new server ' BTW: I'm posting this with a new profilename (and a very new fresh email address ), since I'm not sure whether the people that have my former profilename also have my password When I view my 'old profile' using this new profile I cannot see the email adress I used with the old profile. As far as I know, the email address is/was not shown when I posted twice in the past using the old profile.
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