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  1. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I finally fixed my problem! I went through Taun's 3 steps in post #4, but nothing has changed. I then noticed under 'Display Properties', there is an option called 'Color'. Whatever color this is, it is set to my desktop icon's caption text, which is strange, because the desktop caption text used to be transparent before. There was no color. I then tried installing TweakUI, but I couldn't find where it was located. Couldn't find in Control Panel either. Last, I tried Dial-a-Fix, with its 'Flush Icons' tool, and nothing changed either.
  2. Yes, my desktop is set to 32-bits. I have never had this problem before. I've tried deleting the icons and creating the shortcuts again, but still, the icons are not transparent. Tried resetting some desktop options, nothing is working so far.
  3. Help, my desktop icons are all messed up! Specifically, the transparency of the icons are messed up. They don't seem to be transparent anymore. They almost look as if they are highlighted, but the icons are not selected in any way. I'm not sure if this problem is directly or indirectly related to CCleaner, but it happened after I installed and ran CCleaner v1.32.345 (default settings), then rebooted my computer. Running Windows XP. I've read to look at the My Computer -> Performance -> Settings -> Visual Effects -> "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the deskt
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