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  1. thanks a lot, ido have all of the boxes ticked. my computer has definetely been infected (found this out due to Alans link-thank you Alan) i contacted my email provider and my email account had been accessed by someone trying to send out nigerian scam emails, when i found this out i panicked and suspended all my online banking (nothing touched thank god) and other organizations that hold my credit card details. they would have got my address from some of my inbox emails,which is worrying. the worst thing is i had lots of personal photos of my kids-they wont be very happy if they have
  2. i am not bothered about forensic recovery,i only used osforensics to find where the offending files where -it came up on a google search that i did to find software to find the hidden text that i couldn't find with windows explorer- i didn't spend $500 i used the free version and it worked very well.! the only problem is that it's made me very paranoid because of the stuff i've found regarding trojans . i have done a virus scan and it's come up ok but i'm still convinced that there is a virus.! so you couldn't give me advice as to why ccleaner is not cleaning all the freespace? ke
  3. yes it should have been a DVD to jpg program, but it did not work properly -it did not have the facility to load DVD's- the offending URL was the only one displayed in the search box. thanks ken
  4. i run norton 360 ,update it at system upstart, i scan everything that i download but i have used software called osforensics and it has located lots of data that shouldn't be on my HD -web site names search terms ect. the data is on unallocated clusters(not in files) that should have been wiped by the free space wipe. the data is quite old so if the program was malware it never had anything to do with it-i have done a full system scan and it was ok but i found a lot of text refering to trojans- i dont know whether it's something that norton has dumped but i'm going to go on a symantec foru
  5. i was downloading a few pieces of software to get jpegs from a dvd. i cannot remember what the actual software was that listed the URL, but it was not as it claimed to be (or i downloaded from the wrong link) it is not that ccleaner did not clean this piece of software and failed it's just that i had cleaned everything the night before and i had not been to websites URL for a couple of days so it should not have shown up in the search bar of this software. i am using ccleaner v3.22.1800 (64 bit) thanks, ken
  6. i have not got sync set up on firefox but can't find anything about sync on internet explorer (don't think it's got the feature) thanks ken
  7. ccleaner v3.22.1800 (64 bit) win 7 home premium 64 bit sp1 firefox 15.0.1 internet explorer v 9.0.8112.16421ic thanks for the help, ken
  8. thanks for the reply, i have adobe flash player ticked. regards ken
  9. hi i run ccleaner (latest version) every night, i use secure delete and have everything checked that can be wiped (including freespace) i downloaded a piece of software and in its searchbox suggestion place came up an URL that i had not visited for a few days. what i want to know is why ccleaner has not deleted this URL and is their any software available to search my HD for files that contain search terms URL's ect so that i can delete them? TIA regards ken.
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