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  1. I will try soon the CHKDISK Solution Yup i see the small diffrence from loading e.x texture , load times Yup you true defragging can fasting load times but not the frame per second 1. Got it 2.My friends say using HDD regenator can delete the bad sector But , Thanks for the answer from you
  2. Hi Alan.B my files is safe but all sector is affected by bad sector I'm download it on disk C: And not in the Disk E , Disk E is for data , but i'm want format that disk for delete the bad sector is bad sector can deleted by formated ? or i'm must change hardisk ? Now Disk E is is soo slow because of the bad sector Btw is defragging can increase game performance ? Thank you :lol:
  3. So the download is not interrupted / corrupted ? Windows is detected the bad sector and defraggler detected too , Disk Drive E ( Hardisk) , Hmm ATA MODEL , 25,7 GB ( PARTITIONED ) , Piriform Show me in every sector is BadClusBad$ , All of my files in Drive E , I dont know smart value , Thanks for reply my answer Keatah
  4. Hello i'm defraggler user . I want asking is safe defragging while downloading ? , Is the download is interrupted / corrupted ? And How to fix bad sector on hardisk ? Thank you Sorry For Bad English
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