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  1. So why is the option to clean it still present, if it (possibly) harms performance?
  2. Another instance when this sort of thing is required when using certain P2P programs, like Shareaza. Shareaza stores an XML file for every single download in the download location, which is set by the user. For example if the download location was set to "c:\folder\shareaza downloads\" then XML files for all previous downloads would be in "c:\folder\shareaza downloads\metadata\". So, what is needed is a way to read the reg key to find out the download location, and then to delete the specified files from it.
  3. Is there any way to add a program to winapp2.ini that may have the files you want to remove stored anywere, and not in a standard location? For instance I am trying to clean (.sqm) files for windows live messenger, however they are not stored in any one location and appear to pop up all over the place. How can I add this into winapp2.ini? Thanks!
  4. Many user change the default download location to one of their choice. How can I make the winapp2.ini look in the right location? Shareaza stores the download location in the registry, so what we need is a way to read the path in that particular string and then perform the search / delete in that path. Hope that makes sense.
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