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  1. zip files have the ability to ensure their integrity. That is part of the reason why I am stuck because zip knows the file is not complete and will not proceed. Also if you want to be sure you can compress with the option to test.
  2. I think we are all coming at this from different perspectives so I will try to be generic in my answers as well as clarify my own preference. 1. For me some of the concerns are raised are not as important to me because my concern is time savings and if some of the underlying data was changed due to a defrag or the startup on the prime drive then so be it. I would have lost this anyway and the product does a good job today at reporting a recovery failure. 2. The text list is basically useless for me for it does not do anything nor does it save me any time .. just fun for searching with wild cards which is usefull - but I would certainly not take the feature out for I like the record aspect of it. 3. Thanks for the note on the filtering / this was my own mistake / very nice - thank you. 4. I would assume that the data structure currently used would have to be stored on a disk that was not in use or at ones discretion for it would write over some areas. - In my past we used to record the free space in order to write protected blocks without damaging data but that was a long time ago and I do not know if the current disk architecture makes these techniques obsolete. 5. I would not expire the list simply report the date / drive for the header. The reason I say this is I personally would like to compare more than one list at a time but with a lot more detail only found in the online version. 6. As to the size of the list - this is not an issue for me based on the the fact that the current list is only in RAM. As to the much larger systems I am not sure if this program would be used for they are probably RAID and if we all start to get to this size then all other factors will change too. To emphasize the point I just had to scan again - 20hrs and the drive went wonky(technical term ) again so I had to wait another 20hrs. .....
  3. The text file is basically only good for a record. As to the changes this is only true if you allow the disk to be updated. The Save feature is actually very valuable as a time saver. For example - every time I am forced to build the list with a deep scan it take about 20 hrs - if I was able to save the file then it would only take me a few moments to load and resume my recovery activity. Another good option would be to be able to sort by file extension or filter by wild card but not lose the scan. - with the display it would be nice to be able to turn on or off more than one option like preview and header at the same time. When the file is saved to text file it is nice that it is done with tabs / this makes it easier to import into excel and sort but I would have liked all the columns to be exported not just the 3. Not sure why the date was dropped or the status.
  4. The deep Scan Reports the 7M ... the progress indicator goes to just over 80% then jumps to finished reporting 100% complete versus providing a report that shows partial completion which I normally get. The recovered file varies in size - I have more than one copy of the zip file all showing the same size but the recovery size varies dramatically. sorry for the delay in reply but for some reason I am not getting notified of the replies.
  5. I used a deep scan. I use zip for much bigger files than 7gig and the scan knows the right file - what happens is that it only reaches 80+% of the restore and then it stops and reports that it is 100% done. Unfortunately I can not use RAR now but would it make any difference? Is this not a Recuva issue? I used the zip before.
  6. I have 3 files all at over 7gig each - I have tried to restore each one of them and even though the program report that a complete restore was done only part of the file is actually restored. It is a zip file.
  7. Maybe this is in the professional version but it would be useful to be able to save scan results so that a lot of time rescanning can be avoided.
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