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  1. DIMMs can include a temperature sensor, which can be accessed via the SPD on the I²C bus. Speccy however does not read these, while most other monitoring software can: Screenshot. The DIMMs used here are Kingston KVR16E11K4/16I.
  2. Preface: A UEFI, the sucesssor to the BIOS, can contain a Compatibility Support Module (CSM). It's a compatiblity layer that allows the firmware to boot legacy MBR-based operating systems, but it also provides legacy BIOS functions even if the OS is booted in UEFI mode, for example BIOS interrupt calls. My UEFI provides an option to disable the CSM: Screenshot. If I do that, Speccy fails to report the model name of the mainboard: Screenshot. Beside that, the "BIOS" submenu in the "Motherboard" menu is also empty. If enable it, everything works fine: Screenshot. This bug is likely
  3. It's the default Windows 8 BSOD. The text always stays the same. Only the error code in the very bottom right ("BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER" in my case) changes depending on the error you got. Microsoft removed any additional information except the error code from the BSOD in Windows 8.
  4. If I start Speccy 1.17.340 on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit (RTM, the release version, 6.2.9200) I instantly get a bluescreen. If I try to attach a kernel crashdump on this forum, I get the error message "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file". So I uploaded it here: http://notaserver.org/pubhost/speccy/speccy_BSOD_crashdump_20120917.dmp
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