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  1. I did a few searches for nvstor32.sys to see how other people had solved their issues. A little bit of hunting later, I'd learnt that it's used for handling IDE/ATA controllers. I looked at mine in Device Manager, hunting for the controller that used that specific driver. On finding it, went into Properties > Update Driver > Browse my Computer for Driver Software > Let me pick from a list of device drivers. What I'm now using is Microsoft's'Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller'. Seems to have stopped BSODing when Speccy scans my system, so looks like it worked. I didn't download anything extra, I assume it's simply a system driver in case the Nvidia one ever fails. Found it as a solution here, but unrelated to Speccy.
  2. Hello There! I've just downloaded Speccy to take a look at my system, but I keep running into bluescreen errors. The program will be analyse my OS and CPU without issue, but then when it attempts to analyse my RAM, the whole computer dies a temporary fiery death and goes to Bluescreen with a 'DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_EQUAL' error. As it's crashing at the RAM section, I assumed perhaps there's something wrong with my memory. After searching the web for other Speccy/BSOD related issues, a couple of threads suggested running something akin to Memtest86 diagnostics to see if anything was physically wrong. This I did, no errors returned. Any suggestions or similar experiences for resolving this? EDIT: According to the Bluescreen info, it's something to do with the driver 'nvstor32.sys', if that's of any help. Further Edit: Never mind, found a way around this involving replacing the nvstor32.sys driver with a standard Microsoft one for handling IDEs. Feel free to delete this thread, mods, and sorry to be a self-solving pain in the arse. (Running: Intel Quad Core @2.40 ghz, 4gb RAM Windows 7 on a 32bit System)
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