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  1. Uninstalled CCCP and the flickering is still there. Even tried KMP in 3GHZ mode with 0-255 output and the colors STILL look washed out. Oh God, I'm losing hope here.
  2. The colors look very washed out in VLC and KMplayer. Unwatchable. Is there a way to color correct in VLC? Perhaps setup a saveable profile/preset?
  3. I've looked into those and they've all resulted in nothing. I know it's got something to do with EVR's renderer though, as it plays without flicker in VLC and other renderers within MPC-HC. The "flicker" I'm talking about is a quick darkening/lightening in certain parts of the video. What we're trying to figure out is how to get the proper color AND eliminate the flicker.
  4. Just confirmed, it's happening with Windows Media Player as well.
  5. No, it's been happening ever since I started using MPC-HC. I just went through ever video output and found only the EVR Custom and EVR SYNC have proper colors but with flicker. Here are my results: System Default: No flicker, changed colors. Old Renderer: No flicker, Changed colors. VMR 7 Windowed: No flicker, changed colors. VMR 9 Windowed: No flicker, changed colors. VMR 7 Renderless: No flicker, changed colors. VMR 9 Renderless: No flicker, changed colors. Nulls: Do Nothing. EVR: No flicker, changed colors. EVR Custom Press: Flicker, perfect colors. EVR SYNC: Flickers, Perfect Colors Haali: No flicker, changed colors. Mad VR: No flicker, changed colors, crashes.
  6. I have tried messing with V-Sync and different output settings with no success. Some of the output settings do get rid of the flickering, but result in horrific washed out colors. Here's an example with "EVR Custom Pres Output" on the left and the "System Default Output" on the right. Also, that washed out color is EXACTLY how VLC looks for me. Plus, I have the CCCP codec pack.
  7. Hello! I've been seeing flickering video in Media Player Classic. It happens fairly frequently and occurs with Windows Media Player as well. I've used both the latest build of Media Player Classic Home Cinema and the 1.60 version but the problem persists. I also tried turning on "deinterlace" in the shaders but it didn't help. Any ideas?
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