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  1. Thanks for your help but found a solution that finally works. Start Menu > Control Panel > Indexing Options > Select Internet Explorer History > Press Advanced > Press Restore Defaults. You are asked to reboot and the history is gone when when the machine comes back. Thanks Keith
  2. Hi, I am struggling trying to find out how to delete history that appears in the address bar drop down. I am running IE 8 on Vista and have internet settings set to delete history on exit and retain history for 0 days. I have uninstalled IE8 and the problem remains on IE7. I reinstalled IE8 and the problem remains. I reset IE8 settings and the problem remains. I tried CC Cleaner and even though the Index.dat files delete, I still have the same old history entries on my drop down. The small x that lights up when you mouse over each entry will delete the entry but the next time you o
  3. Hi, I upgraded to the latest version of CCleaner and consistently get the error described on the attached document when I run either analyze or run cleaner. Can you offer any suggestions? Thanks Keith
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