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  1. When upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista, the PowerShell 1.0 update has to be removed. However, its a component of Microsoft Framework services and doesn't show up in the add/remove program list in either cCleaner or Windows control panel. While control panel has an option to show all updates, cCleaner lacks that feature. cCleaner has a search feature that Windows lacks, but it doesn't search the full list of installed programs and updates. It would be useful if cCleaner would provide the same option as Windows to show all of the programs and updates, allowing individual updates to
  2. I'd like to see a better way to remove multiple old copies of Java using cCleaner. I frequently find computers that have 5 old copies of Java that need to be removed, so having a check-box option to remove multiple programs would be useful, instead of the current practice of individually removing each program and waiting for the removal to finish. A useful enhancement would be a duplicate program remover that scans the installed programs for duplicates and then presents a list of outdated programs for removal. This would cover all of the Java updates that require removal, leaving only th
  3. Since the SMART data for hard drives is displayed in hexadecimal, it would be useful to convert the data to decimal in a second column, along with a heading for each data column (hex, decimal) to label the data. Also, the SMART data is always padded with zeroes, making it hard to read single digits. Highlighting the non-zero digits in green or red would improve the visibility of the data. SMART power-on time should also be reported in power-on hours, not just days, so it would be helpful to display both in the report. Since most manufacturers rate their hard drives at 50,000 power-on h
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