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  1. The program was called "Listmaker" and it hung up every time I tried to use it after the first few times. It was suggested to re-install the program but it still acted the same. To start with a fresh install I wanted to delete any traces of the prog. after un-installing it. That led me to regedit. Programs make changes in the registry right? What the program was is really inmaterial. Un-installing it lead to the discovery of all the other ghosts from previous uninstalls. My questions were : Why are these things left in the regisry after uninstall and would it be safe to go thru it and delete them?
  2. I was looking at regedit the other day and deleted a folder for a program to remove any trace of it before I tried to re-install it. I then noticed a lot of folders labled with names of other programs that I have uninstalled in the past. My questions are: 1) Is this a good practice? 2) Can I delete these old program entries or should I just ignore them? 3) Why are they still there? They are like old ghosts! Regedit is a scary place for me and I try to stay out of there. As I was instructed, I backed up the registry first, ran a search ,copied what I was going to delete elswhere, prayed, and deleted everything found with that programs name. The program didn't work any better upon re-install so I junked it and found a better one. Any advise would be appreciated
  3. All of this information would be helpful. I would also like to see the file size of each program to see how much disk space I may recover with the uninstall.
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