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  1. Hi. CCleaner ver 5.51 e-mail. Ran my CC Professional and it said a new version was available. New ver 5.52 appeared to load but did not appear on screen. Checked Download folder and nothing there. Now Ver 5.51 says that I am now using the latest version but heading still says CC ver 5.51. Can someone assist. Many thanks. Windows 10 presumably latest version. Windows 64 bit. Google and Google Chrome browser.
  2. Hi again. UPDATE, UPDATE. Downloaded Speccy Version 1.17.340. Motherboard temperature now shows 19degC. Thanks Piriform!
  3. Hi. Similar problem. ASUSTek P8P67 LE(LGA1155) Motherboard 91degC. CPU Intelcore i7-2600 18degC. , graphics 33degC. and hard drive 22degC. Read on another site, that someone had gone into BIOS and found that the motherboard was listed as degrees Fahrenheit but the others were in degrees Celcius. 91deg F would be 32.7degC. which would be a relief. Has anyone else checked BIOS? Will look at kroozer's OpenHardwareMonitor. Thank you.
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