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  1. I'm in a mess again, my fault but I won't tell what or why. I have a program with the computer that will restore to Original Factory and also will make a backup of all my programs at the same time. All went well until I got my programs back and now I want to delete the BACKUP from the C drive.It's 20GB in size. Won't go to the Recycle Bin even thought I change it to accept 39GB. Keeps saying "You Need Permission to do this." I logged in as Administrator under the name "DDUM" and move me to Guest. Didn't change a thing. While in as Admin I tried moving the file to recycle by dragging. No luck. I"m asking some of the folks here that have transistors and other electrical things in their Brain to offer solution. Right after the Backup, thought I would be smart and Clone the unit just after restoring (before I discovered the Backup Folder.) Have a 100GB Solid State, I think that is what it's called, so I put the Clone there. My C drive has a Partition D where the Restore stuff is. I did a really dumb thing on the 100GB as I had all kinds of stuff there that I want to keep. There was 78GB of free space left. I figured it would use that. Nope, it wiped everything out and put the C and D drives there. So dumb me thought " delete this all and use Recuva to get my stuff back. Now here I am. It deleted the things on the D drive but the thing on the Ghost was on another partition and it said I would need to reformat the drive. BANG!!!! I've tried and tried. The progress indicator will to about 98-99 and it hangs there. I have left it there for as much as 8 hours. This little solid drive was not inexpensive and hate to loose it almost as bad my saved stuff. Second Cry. Can anyone give me guidance on making this thing format? It's a hitachi that slips into the face of the PC. Really nice to have. People around here would say this is a "bunch of Horse s**t" and maybe so. I don't know what to do other then accept the big 76GB in the PC when it is half that or less, and not being able to Format my Solid State Drive, hoping to save some of my funnies. Many Thanks, Just tried the Format again and got a message this time. Message was "The Parameter is incorrect" if that will help. This on the Solid state Hard Drive.
  2. Will get back to all in three years........
  3. That's good. Was concerned I was forgotten! Little early but all of you are wished a Merry Christmas and the best New Year.
  4. No that's not right.....! It is my old brain that is confusing. Any normal person would have understood what you sent. I do thank you for the prompt reply. I can always depend on someone in this Forum with a come back at the earliest. Best one that I'm on.
  5. Hazelnut you were right again. Also I think Nodles had the information but I didn't follow it correctly. Under Tools Active X Filtering was checked. Unchecked and all is well. Hazelnut, I hope you are saving for the Big Party three years from now. I made it to 77 last week. Hope you remember you are throwing a party when I turn 80. Got a good report from the Doctor last week. So sweat it out! Personally I think you are safe as don't think I'll make it that much longer. Here's hoping anyway. Thank you and Nodles for the help.
  6. I have 32 bit and IE9 was installed. The Flash for both IE and Other was installed to the latest version Check PC Tool Firewall and the applications are unblocked. This has happened in the past and don't remember what I did to correct it. Someone on this Forum I think was the one that gave an answer, may be wrong. So it seem like I limited to copy and past to Firefox. That's OK, don't get many. Thank you for your time and the post. I h
  7. I have IE as default and also have FireFox. Flash is installed for both versions. I'm running Vista SP2. With IE as default the YOUTUBE opens in that. Haven't tried to copy and paste in Firefox. Even if that would work what a hassle that would be. Everything worked just fine before th reformat. Just now tried Firefox with copy and paste. It worked fine there, just IE it doesn't work
  8. Hope this is the best place to ask. I had to reformatt because of stupid mistake I made. Everything is great except when I follow a Link to YouTube I get a blank page with a small circle with a slash in the upper right. I must need to tick something. Remember, don't be to hard on me, just had a birthday. Old Men take things kind of serious:)
  9. Not really Corona, just a lifetime of "faking it." But if not for people like you and others on the Forum, I would be in deep stuff.
  10. rridgely - You should remember how dense I am from previously questions I've asked. You have been on them more than once. I have an excuse. I'll be 77 in a about 3 weeks. So please accept that as a reason I'm not all with it on Computers.
  11. Thank you for the replies. Was waiting for an answer by email but it never came. Guess I will have to check my options. rridgely - Did what you suggested and now all thing work I thank you sir. Age is getting the best of me. AlanB - If I set Firefox as default, then I have to copy and paste to get the things to open. That's why I keep IE as default even thought I use Firefox all the time. European Commission probably wouldn't help me anyway. I live in Texas, US. Anyway I'm straight for the time being. Sure do appreciate you time and effort to help me with this. My thanks to you for replying.
  12. Hope this is the right area to post this. My problem is: Opening a link from email takes me to IE9 and it will not open. Coping the link from email and coping to Firefox opens just fine. Also, a link from a Web Page on IE9 that should open will not! So something is checked to prohibit this I think. Don't know what or where. Went to Internet options, Tools, but don't know what should be looked for. This all happened when I went to IE9 from 8. Could use some advice and help with this. I prefer to keep IE as my default browser.
  13. Mudd

    How old are you

    Probably not. I think I remember we have a member is his 80's. May be wrong. If so someone will correct me. But you are certainly welcome.
  14. I am most grateful to you Dennis. Don't know how you could have done more. I won't forget how hard you have tried to get this mess working. I can still use it, WMP that is, the hard way. I have nothing to do but complain and hope for another day. Best to you Sir.
  15. Yes Ma'am I did. Think I have repliee to all posts. If I missed you remind me.
  16. The further I go, it seems I make a mess of things. I just did what Alan_B suggested and restart the PC, getting all kinds of error messages concerning ERUNT errors. Will try to uninstall it and try again. Your suggestion, I repeated with the correction. The picture below shows what happened to that one.
  17. Thanks for the information. I'll look it up and see if it's something I can understand and use properly.
  18. I've been to Microsoft Fixit with no luck. No I did not run the line with Command Prompt. I just did and notice the picture attached. Strange isn't it?
  19. I've looked at the link with the problems. Glad some are happy. Most are still lost in the woods along with me. Did all the things I could find that someone said worked. Mine didn't! Did you notice that the posts go all the way back to 2007? You mentioned Registry backup. Mine didn't back up for the first time ever, see picture. I've used Ex and Import without a flaw until today. So far the PC doesn't seem to care so I don't sweat it. I run with User Account Off. So I shouldn't, get tired of having an extra click to get somewhere. Couldn't find the picture of the windows, must have deleted. It went something like, Can't do the import because some of the file you are wanting to restore are being used, etc. Thanks, bedtime here.
  20. When I say I'm tired, I'm tired fearing I'm pestering people on the Forum. You're the second one that has friendly "Chastised" me for saying such. O.K. not tired, just disgusted. Went to your program suggestion of Add On and avifix. Downloaded and ran both of them. Nothing has changed, just exactly like it was. I was so sure this time as it all looked good. I don't use ERUNT. I've seen it mentioned but really don't know what it it. I use the Export to send the full registry to My Documents. The IMPORT to get it back. Maybe that's wrong, don't know. This sure is a short reply for such a lot of information you sent. Thanks many time for your efforts.
  21. The USB External Hard Drive is 120GB. It plugs into a slot on the front below the DVD. I have backups of backup! Everything on the External Drive is also on a Flash Drives. Have two 10GB Flash Drives that contain everything the External has so far. It now has 18GBs, so soon I'll need another Flash Drive. About WMP on Vista. There is no way to uninstall WMP on Vista. You cannot install a later Version. Try it and you will get "Your Version is Later than the One you are trying to install." I based my remark on people more knowlegable people than I. I could put it all on the PC as it has a 500GB Drive with only about 40GBs on it. That way I'd have 3 way copies. If all that happens to go at one time, I don't need all the crap I've stored. Thanks for the interesting Post.
  22. I'm finding this out. But people with skills like most here, it's a challenge. I sometime wish I had not posted this in the Forum. A lot of time is being wasted on this. But as you said, they won't give up. I believe it is a challenge to most that have posted. Take care and thanks for the post.
  23. The AVI's on the removeable harddrive do the same as the one on my PC that has not been put on the harddrive yet. I even moved one from it to the PC and no help. Nothing has changed Dennis, well almost nothing. I'll show in the the attachment. "Open With" and selection of WMP always gets "Parameter is incorrect." Anything else, like VLC, Irfan Viewer, will open th file. The only thing that has change since day 1 is the highlighted Icon when I double click it and the data below on the window. You will see this on the pictures, hopefully. I have Vista Home Premimum on a Laptop. I checked the same registry entries you suggested earlier. See the pictures. I still think you need to give up on me. It a shame that Vista is part of the OS in Vista. Check this funny: I can go the the WMP in Program Files and find all the WMP goodies. There is an Icon named "Install." I click it hopeing to reinstall WMP. I get a message that states, "Your Current Program is a Later Version than the one you are trying to install" or something similar. I'm getting that from the current WMP file!!! Hope you can figure out the pictures. Can't do as you do with pictures, don't know how. The Registry pictures are from my Vista Laptop. Mudd
  24. Dennis. That all look good, but that's all. Progress is present as the click now on an AVI will hightlight the icon. Before, nothing when I clicked. I double checked what I did from your post and was just as you said. You mentioned the difference in XP and Vista. The only difference I'v heard of is that Vista is part of the OS rather than an add on like XP.
  25. I'm not afraid to get into the Registry. Learned the hard way. Now I always make a full backup before I mess with anything. O.K., I'm posting what I saw using your instructions. With AVI highlighted, it sure doesn't look like your picture.
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