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  1. No problem! We are just glad you made it back.


    I myself don't mind helping people all I can. I am sure the rest of the people here feel this way as well. I think the guys & girls up here are just exceptionally great people. We are all just people like you, really, who try to help others.


    Hope we made you feel welcomed, & hope your leg does get better. I'll put in a prayer request for ya at the local church here. Can't hurt, ya know.


    Thanks. And it might help, who knows? I'm doing exceptional well this time. Should be back on my "feet" anytime now. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  2. I'm almost ashamed to post on this forum because I don't think I deserve all the attention I getting over my problem. What a group of people you are.


    Update on this BS: My Son came home earlier than I expected because of the expected bad weather over the weekend. He went through all this with me, took the drives out, then took them to a friend of his that knows a lot about PCs. He hooked both drives up to a PC and the SSD was a wreck, couldn't even reformat it. He said it showed bad sectors. The other drive was reformatted and a disk was used at his place to put Vista back on it. Did all the updates (which was 201 after SP1 and 2) and Son then brought the drive back, put into my unit and I have things back to normal.


    Not going for the SSD again. They are expensive and maybe not yet developed as much as they can be.


    The Fixer said he thought the SSD died while the restore was going on and that was the problem.


    Again I say, you are the best group of people. I thank each and everyone of you for your time and suggestions


    Now, if one of you would suggest how I can get my legs to work again.................! The Doctors are working on it. But, suggestions are welcome!:)

  3. Mudd, I do hope you the best on your recovery.


    Ok, well, DBAN was listed, because it is a drive wiper utility. If you are having problems booting or loading, & if it is a problem with a corrupted file system, then DBAN should be able to fix it. I am not sure the options, been a long time since I checked. But I believe they have a floppy disk maker (not sure if your pc has a floppy drive or not) & possibly a cd to burn it to.


    If not, try using something like G-Parted to see if you can erase/reset your drive from a bootable CD or something.

    If it is a partition/file system problem, that can help as well. Sometimes file systems do get corrupted.


    If it is a hardware problem causing your PC not to boot, none of the above will fix it. If your computer is having a hardware problem causing it not to reboot, here are commonly suggested fixes:


    - Check the power supply -> Bad/damaged power supplies can cause problems booting, & even no boot if it goes entirely dead

    - Remove all your RAM, then try each ram stick individually, in different slots, to see if it is caused by a bad ram nodule

    - Blow the dust out of your computer with an electric leaf blower, or something comparable. Hold the fan blades on the CPU/GPU etc with a q-tip to keep them from over-rpm-ing while you are dusting the computer out. Heat/stuck/non-working fans can cause a computer to overheat or not to boot.

    - Remove your networking cards -> While many people protect their monitor & PS from surges, they forget to use network protection. Line spikes can cause damage to them, or sometimes even the computer itself. If a card is only partially fried, it may cause an endless reboot cycle, or feel hot to the touch on the chip on the card, etc.

    - Remove your CD/DVD/floppies/smart media card media, etc, as disks left in them may cause boot problems.

    - Reseat your cables to your CD/DVD/HDD/SDD/FDD as well as the power to them. Reseat your RAM & Video card(s). Sometimes, if they become partially dis-engaged, it can cause them to not boot properly.


    It may be difficult to troubleshoot the exact problem, not sitting in front of it.


    But hopefully, one of the suggestions listed will be something for you to try when you get bored, recover, etc.


    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  4. Since you have no important data to lose, why don't you download & try Ubuntu?


    See if you can format/install it?

    Sometimes it works where Windows can't.


    If you get Ubuntu to successfully format/setup Ubuntu, u may be able to format the drive yet once more, then use your Windows setup disk to format it back to NTFS & install Windows...


    * Have u tried using DBAN on it yet?


    Sir, how would I get Ubuntu into the PC that won't start up? I can't get it accept my Restore Disk. So, I could download it from Grouch's Laptop, put it on a Flash Drive, or DVD, but then would be deadlocked because it will not start up to run a Disc or Flash drive.


    DBAN - I'm not familiar with that. But wouldn't it be the same thing as it would need a PC that would start on it's own or Disc or Flash or a Backup on a SSD? I think the PC is constipated with to much data as it crapped out when I tried to run a Backup from the SSD. And by the way, the SSD has problems also as it quit working during the Backup attempt. I can't get any data to show on it.


    I do thank you for the suggetions. I recovering from some serious medical procedures and can only use the Laptop. Not able to set in a chair at this time. Am trying real hard to recover for the Christmas Hoilday.

  5. Mudd, how important is the data?


    You can also try copying all the important data off the drive to another one, whether USB external flash or hard drive.

    Then, do a quick format of the drive, whether via Windows setup disk, or connecting the drive to a USB drive bay to do it externally.


    That should get rid of it, if it is get riddable at all.


    Maybe you missed something posted earlier. The PC will not restart, neither Safe Mode or normal. Nothing happens, tries to start up but never gets there. Will bring up menu for Safe Mode but will not start there. It's a dead animal!


    Have been out for medical reasons since my last post. Am home now, using Grouch's Laptop to post. Trying to get ready for Holidays. Grouch is cooking, bitching, and complaining about anything. :) I'm trying really hard to get myself in order to be a good Host to my children and grandchildren. Therefore the PC is not getting any attention.


    There is no personal information on the drive that I will miss. Only the restore function as a Partition to C drive that lets me restore in a short time. But I can't access that because the PC will never start.


    I've got some great idea from Posters and really appreciate them but can't use them as the PC will never get to anything. Just a window stating something like, "Please Wait while your Computer is loading" or something similar to that. Have waited up to 2 hours.


    When and if I am able to get around again will do a restore with a disk I have.


    If Hazelnut reads this post, this is for her: Easy on the balloon blowing. May not be necessary.


    Thank you for the suggestion.

  6. Corona is certainly right concerning the particular area. The temperature can get very low but the absence of moisture in the upper air flow is so low that Snow and Rain are almost nill during the cold months of Winter. As a kid I do remember a period of time, no memory of what year, but we had rain, sleet, and then very cold temps of the -F and it started snowing. Snowed for a week. No auto travel could be made. The Farmers near by got their Tractors out and went from farm to farm, house to house taking emergency orders for fuel or food. There was a small community several miles from us that had a good stock of food and fuel. Most families were prepared, just in case.

  7. Dennis, hoping for you on the weather. Now for Kroozer. I've been to your state, Jan-Apr and I'm sure there are really nice places. Colorado Springs was not one of them during those months when I was there. Some day when I grow old, going to take a short trip up there. Not to far from NW Texas. I can be positive in saying it will be in the Summer...............

  8. Poor shivering thing needs a blanket. :unsure:


    I'm the one that needs a blanket. This doesn't happen in the part of the State. Well, sometime it does and it did early this month. May not look like much to you that are familiar with snow and ice storms. Here it is very unusual.



    Sorry about the double post of attachment. My excuse, Old!



  9. The first time I kept my eyes close most of the time, especially when he was in my heart with the wire thing. This has happened several times over the years. I fall a lot and bump into things. If I happen to hit one of the places where there is a Stint it can easily be mashed flat or nearly flat. I try to be careful but being an old fool like I am, it's not always easy to be careful enough.


    Feeling great today. Up and out of bed tomorrow.


    Enjoyed your post.

  10. 2 Old Men - "We brought the balloons, but...we can't blow them up."


    Surely there is a big winded person on the Forum rather than I that could take just a few puffs to get them all. Find him/her and ask a simple question, catch the answer in the balloons!



    Hazelnut: My Medical check didn't go to well. Have a Stent in right leg that is crushed and causing a slow blood flow. Not a big problem just hate to have it opened. They put a small catheter in the left upper arm, run a small wire with a type of balloon (not the big kind we are talking about) and when they get to the Stent a small puff of air goes and the Stent again opens. The Doctor asks if I want to watch on a Monitor. I do but each time after I think, "not going to that again" but I do. Interesting to watch something going up my left arm, passing into my Heart then out again thru the Aorta down to the lower Right Leg. What Doctors can do today is amazing.


    Supposed to have two days of bed time just to be safe. But I just had to answer about the balloons that Corona mentioned, and you asked about the Medical stuff. I'm in bed with a laptop, borrowed from Grouch and it's difficult for me as I'm a first time user with one.


    I'll be back with my problem in a day or so. Thank all of you again for the help and information sent.

  11. Ma'am I tried that and things that and all he things that Andvari suggested. That didn't help as it will not do as I hoped it would.


    So old smart me?decided to go back to square one and do something else. So I did a restore back to where I was just after he Ghost. Once done, the world exploded inside Hy PC.


    Current is won't : Start; Safe Mode: with a recovery disk in the CD; or will it start with a Repair d*** that came with the Unit. In summary it just won't!!!!!


    I having to have some Medical work out of the area today and possible tomorrow. Will report back on how much noise the PC made when it fell at the Dump or how well my new One runs.


    Thank you Hazelnut, you are a very generous person with you time and advise.



  12. You can also delete files on reboot by using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware then go into 'More Tools->FileASSASSIN' or download FileASSASSIN as a separate program to use alone, both are at http://www.malwarebytes.org/.


    HijackThis can also delete files on reboot in 'Misc Tools->Delete a file on reboot'.


    I've downloaded the files and will try Tuesday. I've had it today. Been at this for hours. Medical stuff tomorrow. If this doesn't work, back to reformatting.


    Thanks for the information.

  13. Enable the super admin mode following the easy steps shown here. Then delete the file.


    If this works (or even if it doesn't ) make sure you follow the steps to diable super admin mode afterwards.



    I did finally get this to work as Super Administrator or whatever it's called but had no affect on what I'm trying to do. So I quit on correcting what mistakes I did. Back to the old reformat and NO saving programs. I can add them.


    Thanks alot for the help. Keep blowing those balloons.

  14. You could also try shift+delete to bypass the recycle bin. (Use with caution)


    This item was the closest thing that worked. It actually showed the progress line going across. It went so far and got the System Files, try skip then retry and it just finally stop working. Logged off you might say. I did loose about 5.5GB on this try. Went from 30 to 20 trying other things then from 20 to 14.5MB on your suggestion. It just won't go any more. Was able to move the folder to the desktop, renamed it Horses Potoot, tried to delete it, tried to drag to Recycle Bin, nothing worked. So back to my old reformat again. This time no saving program files, just get the old Factory Restore. I keep all the thing I install on a 16GB Flash drive so no problem there.


    All I have to do this winter is watch the sand blow by the window so have plenty of time.


    Again, thanks to all. I've tried to answer each post. If I missed you, my mistake.

  15. Enable the super admin mode following the easy steps shown here. Then delete the file.


    If this works (or even if it doesn't ) make sure you follow the steps to disable super admin mode afterwards.



    I think this is getting to be over my head! I'll followed the instruction on the page you sent link to. I've only one account now, it's Mudd as administrator. I go to the bad SSD right click, nothing. I go to the Backup File, right click, not Administrator line. The only time I've seen Administrator line is when there is a program to install and it appears there. I'll keep reading over and over and see if I can get it into my head.


    Thanks again

  16. No progress at all. Have tried all suggested by Hazelnut, Nodles, and Kroozer. I think the solution to the Backup Folder with the Backup made originally would be to reformat again and not save my software, just a Factory Restore. Put all my software in after.


    The SSD, well I don't know what to do about it as it will not format. After trying Kroozer's suggestion I tried again and got a message "Window cannot Format this Drive." Is there a program out there somewhere that allows one to completely delete the data on a drive? I might try that to get my SSD back.


    Thanks to everyone.

  17. If you know how to, you could try to unplug and replug the drives physically (especially the SSD) and see if the cables are OK. If you have spare (SATA?) cables you can try to change those, too.

    Like hazelnut said, have you tried these actions in SafeMode (delete the backup and/or the format)?

    Have you rebooted your PC?

    I tried the SAFE MODE just now and no luck on the deletion of the Folder in C that has the backup. Also in SM I got the following, "Window could not Format the Drive." same as in regular mode. I did unplug the drive restarted the PC, turned it off and replugged the drive. No change. I'm talking about the SSD. Don't have cables, however one partition on the SSD works just fine, the large partition does not. It was not partitioned until the CLONE happened. Wish I had never heard the work CLONE!

    Now going to try Kroozer's suggestion. Thanks for the post.

  18. Have you tried to delete the big file on C drive in safe mode Mudd?


    Also until others jump in with a bit of advice on SSD's I would stop trying to format it. I take it you are trying to do this in Windows disk management and just doing a quick format?

    Have you tried to delete the big file on C drive in safe mode Mudd?


    Also until others jump in with a bit of advice on SSD's I would stop trying to format it. I take it you are trying to do this in Windows disk management and just doing a quick format?


    No, I just select the folder and then select DELETE. No smart enough to got to Disk Management.

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