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  1. Hi Tried latest V3.27.1900 ...............problem still exists............back to V3.20.1750
  2. Hi Yes, the files not being cleaned are on my Buffalo NAS Drive connected via my Home Network.
  3. Hi This issue has been dragging on for far too long,.Is anyone from CCleaner ever going to look into this issue or at least comment on it! Do Piriform not offer any technical support to users of the free version at all. This issue must be affecting the 'paid for' version as well I would have thought.
  4. Hi qtroazyg Thanks for your last post. We do both have the same issue. I tried installing later versions of CCleaner and I also could not clean files and folders on my system drive using the 'Custom Files & Folder' cleaning option. With version 3.20.1750 re-installed all works as it should. This rules out my Buffalo NAS drive as the issue. Regards mesaboogieman
  5. Hi qtrolazyg Thanks for reporting your issue with 'Custom files & Folders' cleaning. I was starting to think I was the only person in the world with this problem! It's sounds like you have a similar issue to me all be it on your System drive rather than an external NAS drive. I will see if I too have the problem when adding files on my System drive to 'Custom' cleaning with versions after 3.20.1750 As DennisD has suggested, it would be useful to know if reinstalling version 3.20.1750 fixes your problem like it does for me. Regards mesaboogieman
  6. Hi The saga continues ............... v3.26.1888 installed, problem still present, Custom files & Folders cleaning not working on Nas Buffalo drive. Back to 3.20.1750 yet again - all working as it should!
  7. Hi Installed latest release 3.25.1872 and the problem still exists. Back to 3.20.1750 yet again for me! All ok with this version! CC development team please investigate this issue. mesaboogieman
  8. Hi Installed latest release 3.24.1850 and the problem still exists. Back to 3.20.1750 for me! All ok with this version! CC development team please investigate. mesaboogieman
  9. hi dennis d ok then we shall see what the next version release brings us. in the meantime if anyone from the development team would like to comment on this issue i would be most grateful. regards mesaboogieman
  10. hi alan yes, hopefully the developers can help. the over-riding factor is that i have no problem when using v3.20.1750 (or previous versions) but all the later versions have the issue. reinstalling the earlier version always fixes the issue, so it must be a bug in the software in my opinion. thanks alan for your input. how do we bump this issue to the dev team? regards ron ,
  11. hi alan sorry i gave you some duff info. it's a buffalo link station live, model ls-ch1.0tl attached is a data sheet for the drive thanks again for your ongoing help. regards ron LS-CHL_DS.pdf
  12. hi alan problem only occurs when trying to clean my network drive which is a buffalo link station, model ls-chle2a. firmware version 1.61 i am using windows 7 ultimate 32bit just to reiterate, the problem only exists when using versions after 3.20.1750 hopefully another forum member will have a similar network drive and can advise if they have the same issue or not with the latest versions of ccleaner. regards mesaboogieman
  13. hi alan thanks for your ongoing assistance. i downloaded the portable version (latest) as you suggested. unfortunately it also failed to analyse or clean my network drive. both the latest version of the portable and full install versions do clean files using 'custom cleaning' on my other hard drive partitions ok. it looks like the later versions do not work with my network drive correctly. as earlier versions work fine on my system/setup it appears cc have inadvertently broken their product. regards mesaboogieman p.s sorry, for some reason i can't get capitals letters to stick in
  14. Hi Alan B Thank you for your assistance with this issue. The full path and name of a file which is removed by the older versions and not the latest ones is for example: W:\trashbox\ccsetup323.exe The relevant line from the .ini file for the 'Include' option is: Include2=PATH|W:\trashbox\|*.*|RECURSE This line is exactly the same in both the older and newer versions. Regards mesaboogieman
  15. Hi Thanks for all your suggestions. Have tried them all several times including resetting the location/path which is fairly idiot proof but still have the problem, Custom file/folder cleaning does not work for me with the last few versions. Also tried complete uninstall of older version and fresh install of latest version .... problem still exists. My added location in the 'Include' setup is- W:\trashbox\*.* (where 'W' is my Buffalo NAS drive) Reinstalled version 3.20.1750 with the same settings and everything works as it should. Can someone from the CC team have a look a
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