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  1. Hey-everytime-I-press-my-space-bar-it-causes-the-browser-help-panel-to-come-up usually-I-use-firefox-but-thats-were-it-started-happening-I-figured-it-must-be-a-firefox-up-so-installed-opera-but-it-did-the-very-same-thing.IE-is-doing-it-too-and-I-can't-for-the-love-of-me-figure-out-how-to-stop-it!!! PLEASE-Help
  2. Interesting thing I just found. I've been trying for bit now to install Spybot. First try gave me an error on i forget what file. Re download gives me a different file. Finally download it again and it installs fine! Does this mean that I'm just getting really really unlucky with my downloads or could there be something else. This doesn't make much sense because I used the same mirror every time of the download so how could the file change? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, finally made the switch to Vista and so far have had awful luck. For some reason everything I try to download is always a corrupt file. It won't let me extract anything because it says the files bad. I've used another computer to get some programs on and I can use the exact same website download it copy it to my flash drive install it and it works great. I've tested a few things with security settings and I made sure I got all the updates. Still no luck corrupt files on everything and can't extract. I'm making sure to get the Vista 64 Bit files every time but I have no idea what wrong. All my drivers are installed also. If I get any error messages I'll post them but for now that's all I've got to go on. If anyone can help it would be great. THANKS!
  4. Vanguard382


    Hi this morning i was just playing some WoW and all of a sudden my computer froze... So i restarted it and it brought up the thing saying start windows normally and last know config point and all that good stuff, so i choose normal. It went to the microst windows thing then restarted again. So then i tried last know and it did the same thing. I have tried safe mode and it even restarts itself. There is an error mesage but it flashes up so fast that it is impossible to read. I really don't want to have to reformat but what can i do. Is there any way to make it so i can read the error message before it goes away. Help!!!!
  5. Hey i just bought zone alarm pro and was downloaind the newest edition but after i finished it i tried installing it but it always gives me these weird errors. Any body know a version the works or am i doing something worng. Oh ya long time no see to every one who i used to be one this forum with.
  6. nope i have rebooted at least 3 times
  7. hey i got installed but it keeps saying real time protection is not working how do i fix it?
  8. oh thanks. osrry for being sort of rude ya i didn't care who could give me the link.
  9. Hey rridgely I just need a quick link if it still works to the Anti-Virus Etrust for the 1 year trial thing. Also long time no see every budy.
  10. But do they mkae a pop when you open the can!!!!! They don't even have a can!
  11. My vote is that it is more like pringles
  12. Ha i fixed it nvm you can delete this topic if you want
  13. Hey for some reason my computer keeps end tasking spooler but i need it to keep running!! It says something like DAT says stoped this program or somethig. So i went online and found how to make it so i could allow it so i did it and told the thing to allow this program to keep running, but it keeps ending it what is going on? Is there any way to force spooler to stay running?
  14. I heard some where that Microsoft was planing on buying opera browser to try and improve there browsers and push FF down on the favorites scale.
  15. Cool, thats weird tho never had any probelm with outpost, must have just been some weird issue or something. I was thinking of giving ZA Pro a try on my secound computer, is the new version safe to use? Also do all agree Etrust is the best anti-virus becuas i need a good one for my secound computer as well
  16. Well i guess ZA could be better in the free section but not if your willing to buy one
  17. Get Outpost it is so much better then ZA. Outpost>ZA
  18. Could they both be set to primary and it is just readig witch ever one is put in the primary plug on the cord connecting it to your computer?
  19. Vanguard382


    Ya!! I found something that worked. I decided to just get a prgram that could allow me to copy music from my ipod to my PC, all my music is right there so i can just use that! Thanks for all your help any way
  20. Vanguard382


    Ok i tried that prgram and seemed to be working so i was copying the files, but when i looked into them there was no music just empty files... How do i mkae it get the music back also
  21. Vanguard382


    Hey i just was trying to add some videos to windows media center when i added some wrong files. So i decided to get ride of them so I right clicked it and said delete. I soon found out i was not just deleting them form just media center but from my computer!! So i lost about 1/4 of my music and i don't know how to get it back!! It was all on my secound hard drive. I did create a registery copy last night but would it help plz help!!!
  22. You guys know there are ways to back up your registery right?
  23. Wow this registery cleaner is amazing!! It found 3,540 problems and i use the same other cleaners you do. My computer has never run more smoothly, no more hang ups, and seems to me my start up is even faster. Good find!!
  24. Hey on my secound computer I decided to test this free firewall and it is the best I have ever used. http://www.personalfirewall.trustix.com/ Really nice and easy to use.
  25. Thanks, the pack came from this site http://crystalxp.net/bricopack/en.htm The top one is what I am using, the bottom one i am using on one of my other computer and I also really like it. Usally the one i just posted has a Dock at the bottom but it closed becuase i had just been playing games. The backround is one they give you with the pack.
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