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  1. Thanks for the quick comment. Let me try that and post back. I do dearly love this lil' utility and would hate to stop using it altogether. :)


    Edit: Yes, that turned the trick for me! Thanks for that elegant suggestion. :D And I am confident the boys and girls at Microsoft/CCleaner will get this all ironed out eventually.

  2. I have installed IE7 Beta 3 first uninstalling IE7 Beta 2 (with Andy Manchestera instructions on how to remove IE7 Beta 2) and i have run Ccleaner no problems so far.
    Well, no such luck here. CCleaner continues to wipe out my cookies: my Google preferences, login settings at newegg.com and various forums, etc. Proving to be a real pain in the butt-inski. Darned shame, too, 'cause I like CCleaner, but I rely on IE7 beta 3. There is no coin toss involved here, as IE7 will stay on my machines.


    Is anyone looking into this further? Can I expect relief in the near future? I need something that cleans the crap, but keeps the cookies of my choice. Thanks.

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