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  1. Is there a way to run Ccleaner so that it doesn't alphabetize your IE favorites? Personally, I love this feature, but I have a user or two that are completly anal about having things in thier special order. Rather than argue with them, I'd love to just tweak Ccleaner.
  2. Last Saturday night, I installed CCleaner on two Media Center boxes. One is in use as my PVR, the other is a friend's desktop (no PVR installed). Both machines are now exhibiting some pretty weird errors. First, my PVR now boots to a "Failed to initialize Infrared Remote Hardware" error, and it won't record TV now. I am...less than pleased. My friend's machine can't play dvr-ms files (the default MC file type) in either MC, or in Windows Media Player, despite having proper codecs. CCleaner was run with all options on, save for "Cookies" and "Autocomplete form history"
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