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  1. Go figure, but this time it worked, and apologies if any of this is my fault. I'm doubly grateful for the reg file, as it also gets Edge out of the processes showing up in the Windows Task Manager. I'd been unable to kill that by going over services in System Configuration. Thanks!
  2. I was logged in, or I couldn't have commented. But anyhow, my point remains that the software badly needs an update.
  3. "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location."
  4. Can I add my voice pleading that an update fix this issue? I, like some in forum threads I've seen, just don't feel comfortable with that complicated a registry edit. The software should, after all this time, be doing the job for us.
  5. Let me add my voice to the complaint. I use the free version, and like others keep finding as of late last week the icon in my taskbar and a new startup item. I can change the settings in CCleaner to uncheck active file monitoring. I can remove the startup item with regedit, or I can disable it in Windows task manager. But no, either way, it just comes back. This is wrong on at least three counts. We have this app to keep the system clean, not to add to memory drains. It's useless, as it's really just another way to keep us with reminders of updates, which the old version did just fine. A
  6. I saw (with gratitude) a CCleaner app for Kindle Fire. But after running it, finding lots of stuff, the "clean" button was grayed out.
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