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  1. > Are you 64bit or 32bit? 64 bit machine, 32 & 64 bit versions of CCleaner Portable (and I've tried both versions with same results) > Do you have any other kind of problems with your system at the moment? No other current problems > What anti-virus/malware applications do you have installed? Microsoft Security Essentials (latest version) > Are they up to date with their definitions and scans are clean? Yes - up to date and clean scans > Do you have any special type desktop themes etc installed? Standard Win 7 desktop > Just to narrow things down have you tried running CCleaner from another account, does it do the same? I only have the one account set up as I live alone - so no...
  2. I tried renaming and reinstalling for a fresh set of files - didn't work. I also tried using the "Portable" version - it doesn't work either. I'm truly stumped! I appreciate all the suggestions, but something has seriously changed in my Win 7 OS, I guess...
  3. I don't have an excessive amount of software installed, no. I've not had any issues with earlier versions of CCleaner either. When I install an earlier version now, I get the same problem as above. I should mention that each time I uninstalled CCleaner, I reinstalled from a brand new download, not the previous one I already had - I've done this four times! When I boot in Safe Mode, the problem is still there - grayed out "Analyze" and "Clean" buttons, no list of applications. I'm stumped...
  4. I am not running Winapp2 and no list at all shows up under the "Applications" tab.
  5. At first it was an upgrade - grayed out. Then I Uninstalled it, restarted computer, then re-installed it again - same thing.
  6. CCleaner .v 321 in Windows 7 - when I launch CCleaner, both buttons are grayed out and I cannot use the program. If I click on the grayed out Analyze button, nothing heppens. Why are the both buttons unavailable?
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