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  1. Aha! I had an epiphany. I figured, why not let Windows fix it, so I ran "chkdsk /r e:" on it. I had to dismount the drive, but it ran, and renamed the hidden ? folder to 'Unknown Folder', but all the data is there! Woo hoo!
  2. I ran a recovery (deep scan) to recover some files on a drive that had FAT and MFT corrupted. I found the folders and files I was looking for, but a number of them are G:\?\ with the subfolders beneath it. I ran the recovery, with the "recover folder structure" option on because there are literally hundreds of nested folders beneath it, and the recovery succeeded. The problem is that I can't see the ? folder in Windows Explorer, or using a DOS prompt. How do I access these files so that I can rename the ? folder? Thanks! Scott
  3. Currently, when recovering files (I'm using v1.43.623 64-bit on Windows) , if there are multiple nested folders, it simply won't run, giving you the Max Path Length error. It would be nice if rather than having to uncheck the box to just dump all the files into a single folder (I have many thousands), that there is an option to log the files with overlong names, but continue with the recovery job, so that the remainder of the files could be recovered into the folder structure. Then, after the recovery is finished, the log could be viewed so that then the user could recovery individual folders by unchecking the box. Thanks! Scott P.S. This is a great program!
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