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  1. Since last Spring, I had not been able to install 2 critical MS updates - parts of the .NET Framework. And, if they are not updated, everything else that depends on the .NET Framework updates falls behind in updates. Somewhere along the path of trying to find a solution, someone had mentioned my fragmented items, that would not defragment, would probably be made whole, once I got the .NET Framework elements installed. All that was good to hear - now, how do I implement the process? Well, yesterday, I decided to run CCleaner (awesome product!!), to keep the hard drive running lean. While on your site, I noticed the Defraggler and thought, hmmmmmmmm?? Maybe that would help get all the ducks in a row? So, I downloaded/installed the free program. I ran the program. Last night, I left the computer on to do automatic updates, not expecting anything different. Got up this morning and... voila! My updates are complete. Piriform - I love you. Please keep up the great work. We poor folks just cannot pay others to do for us.
  2. Today, I ran my existing version of ccleaner. Then, I installed an updated vesion & ran that. A window opened that said there was a RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin available for Firefox, so I checked to install that. A Firefox window opened warning of instability, so I chose to delete it. When installing the update of ccleaner, this is the error message I received: XUL Runner - Error: Platform version '14.0.1' is not compatible with minVersion>=12.0 maxVersion<=12.0. I did some research and found this information of Firefox: https://addons.mozil...ox/blocked/i106 It seems ccleaner has included something potentially dangerous, along with its update. Piriform, I sincerely hope you are not making a habit of this. It would ruin your heretofore clean reputation for freeware. I went into Extensions and deleted that install.
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