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  1. Restart the English version is also stayed. His questions help users make the Speccy better. Who will buy the paid version, even if the free version of Speccy does not work?
  2. It is good that the developers will see, but I would like to receive an answer to quickly, because If this is a bug of the program that is one thing, and if the cause is in my computer, it is already in trouble. Or did you mean that my problem taken into account and perhaps it will be fixed in next version? By the way, the problems with the computer restarts occur because your program with the Russian version of the program, English I did not use. T.e.temu be close to my question, or even substantively answer?
  3. Good time of day, the moderators! Thank you for having responded to the very first post. I see in your profele you respond to the forum posts every day and This means that the forum live. Kindly pay attention to my new post in this thread.
  4. Hey. My goal is not a PR a third-party software obespechenie.U I installed trial version. This was done so that would show that with other similar programs in my PC is no problem and maybe help find the item by which the I have not worked your programma.Vvidu that the program is not working I see no reason to make screenshots reboot. Here are the logs. Waiting for an answer why I did not it work? Yours. Speccy_log1_17_34021-7-2012_15-56.txt Speccy_log1_17_34021-7-2012_15-58.txt Speccy_log1_17_34021-7-2012_16-2.txt Speccy_log1_17_34021-7-2012_16-4.txt Speccy_log1_17_34026-7-2012_12-43.txt Speccy_log1_17_34026-7-2012_12-44.txt Speccy_log1_17_34026-7-2012_12-45.txt Speccy_log1_17_34026-7-2012_12-46.txt Speccy_log1_17_34026-7-2012_12-50.txt
  5. Good time of day. When you start the Speccy 1.17 situation is as follows: begin automatic analysis and computer restarts itself. In the previous version 1.16 was similar to the previous version situatsiya.No automatic analysis got to the graphics device and has been reset and the new do not even have time to get used to the analysis and gets up and reboot the PC. For comparison, AIDA64 Extreme Edition works without problems. It is worth Xp serv.3, file system is NTFS, the architecture of computer bit.Proveryal 32 Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 scanner Dr.Web Cureit, scanner from Panda-all is not significant and was cleaned up using the original software udaleno.Predpochitayu and, therefore, both versions were Speccy downloaded from the official sites. The command "C: \ Program Files \ Speccy \ Speccy.exe" / debug revealed that on checking Analyst SMART data begins to reboot. Maybe that's the problem? In analyzing the functions of a computer (summary information) AIDA64 Extreme Edition v.2.50 issued for other indications of devices SMART-status of the hard drive OK. Here's a screenshot of all other full information about SMART, made AIDA64 http://s45.radikal.r...a90370844e1.jpg This drive system, the operating system works ispravno.Kak check what they mean? Here are divided into 3 screenshot of the data on your internal drive, made AIDA64: http://s58.radikal.r...711b08a5f7a.jpg http://s60.radikal.r...4d4514085f7.jpg http://i002.radikal....3e27fc66d7a.jpg
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