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  1. Very briefly, I've lost some functionality of Speccy's reports when it comes to my ASUS EeePC 1000HE. For example I no longer get CPU temperature at all whereas I used to with previous versions of Speccy. I have a couple of older Core2 Duo machines that still get numbers for pretty much all fields (including the latest multiple hdd temperatures) however CPU temperatures are being reported much lower than they were before. I haven't used any other software to verify the 'new' temperatures but they showed up immediately after the 1.17 version upgrade. Also, Speccy now reports a consistent alternating CPU temperature. For example Speccy will show 29C and then 35C and flash between those two numbers at a constant rate of, say, one second a piece. Does each separate core report its own temperature? Was Speccy averaging temperatures in earlier versions? Hope this helped. Cheers.
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