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  1. Well in the end I'm not actually sure it was ccleaner reg clean at fault, tried a couple old lastpass versions and finally tried lasspass install just for chrome (linked below). This finally got it installed and working again. Not sure what the issue was. https://lastpass.com/releases/?a=1 (old and new versions) LastPass for Chrome 2.0.9 this is what ended up working for me in chrome
  2. yeah I think it may be just with chrome's lastpass.... firefox, safari, and internet exp last pass seem to be working I just tried installing lastpass from within the browser (rather than from .exe file) get this error: extension install failure attempted to downgrade extension almost certain this is from ccleaner registry clean any suggestions?
  3. Ran CCleaner Registry cleaner (version 3.20.1750 64 bit) earlier this morning. It made the Lastpass plugin malfunction/unuseable... would click on the plugin shortcut in chrome and it would not allow me to access the login fields. Reinstalled lastpass multiple times without any luck. On reinstall the lastpass plugin icon in chrome doesn't show up...And is not listed in extensions under tools. Unfortunately I did not do a reg backup......I've used ccleaner for probably 5 years.....and Never, never had an issue like this. What are my options now? please look into this one for us Thanks for the great program
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