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  1. When I have opened CCleaner and click to check for updates, it opens another instance of my browser instead of making good use of the one I have opened already. This is undesirable and a redundant waste of resources, and it would be preferable to look for what is available. thanks.
  2. I would like to get clarification on one thing that puzzles me about the procedure of running ccleaner on Recycle Bin. When I send a file from Windows desktop, for example, to the Recycle Bin, is there not a copy of the deleted file still on the Desktop? I thought there would be because there are recovery tools available for undeleting files, such as Recuva.
  3. When I look at the Profile Options here at this site, I do not see something that plainly states a preference to this effect: "Send me a notification whenever any of my posts is replied to". Perhaps this idea is conveyed to others based on the terminology used typically in relation to such social interactions, but to me this plainly stated idea is not conveyed at all. If it is there, can someone quote that statement to me so that I can be sure that I have it set in accordance with my preferences. <rolling eyes>
  4. I would suggest that there be a beefed up feature added that allows the TOTALLY complete removal of traces of having ever installed a program after its removal. This appears not to be in effect currently. For example, I am pulling my hair out about a nag screen that keeps popping up when I run a program past its trial date. How is it possible that I have removed a program with a specialized uninstaller program, then I have run Ccleaner with all the options of cleaning set to work, then I have run other cleaning programs, then I rebooted, then I redownloaded the program and reinstalled as if to reinstall it for the first time. Yet, it STILL seems to know that it had been installed previously and it resumes the nag screen saying that it was installed more than X days ago? How can that be after I have run every kind of cleaner under the sun to remove its traces?
  5. Not any longer. Thanks for the tip. So can I put you on my Friends List here? I am feeling a wee bit vacant, and you are the first one who hasn't hollered at me about something for a while. .
  6. I use 64-bit Windows 7 , on which I have installed the 64-bit version of ccleaner. My system is configured to re-open all of the Windows Explorer windows opened on my desktop when I close down the OS or reboot it . This works well for my needs. However, if I run ccleaner before closing down, it prevents this functionality from occuring , and I would prefer it not do so. However, I cannot see which of the ccleaner settings controls this option . Can you identify it for me?
  7. I understand that Ccleaner has the ability to remove old restore points. However, my question is this: if I do not use its feature to remove the restore points, does the procedure for cleaning other parts of the Windows system remove any of the files needed for Windows Restore to work correctly? In other words, the Ccleaner's cleaning process remove files that would have been created when creating Restore Points in Windows?
  8. It is not clear to me looking at the information provided with Ccleaner whether the Ccleaner program has settings that would prevent the system from effectively utilizing Windows restore points. I can see plainly enough in the menu Tools options that Ccleaner is capable of removing previous restore points, but it is not clear whether the program has the ability to remove information, during its regular cleaning process, which would be necessary for Windows to make use of for a Recovery Point. I understand that Ccleaner apparently would not be allowed to remove the final Restore Point, but I still need to know whether its regular cleaning process removes data required for restoration of previous Restore Points, those prior to the last one.
  9. I run 64-bit Win7 and have 1.43.623 (64-bit) installed. When I use the program to scan my C: drive, select all files found in Excellent State, complete procedure to delete them (1700+ files), and then I once again run the scan procedure, it shows that there are still about 640 files in Excellent State. Why is that? Is there no way to remove these remnants? For many of them I can even see the path, where they apparently were?
  10. Hello. I have 64-bit Win7 with CCleaner v 3.20.1750 (64-bit) installed. I see in the Cleaner Advanced section a checkbox labeled "Environment Path". Can someone explain exactly what will be cleaned or removed if I were to check that option? Surely it does not alter my path in any way; so what does it change? Thanks.
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