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  1. I believe so. It's implemented on the kernel, so it should be there, regardless of the Linux Distribution. Problem is, it might not be enabled by default; it depends on the file system. Also, you need at least Ubuntu 11, and about Mint, dunno; anyway, you need a kernel version of at least 2.6.33. If you require more info, check this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/18903/how-to-enable-trim
  2. Well, unlike the other stuff, like startup, iexplore, disabling services can really break your operating system. There's a reason for putting the Services application in the Administrative Tools: because it's meant for real IT administrators. Of course, there are many Windows users who probably know what they are doing (including yourself, I presume), but since CCleaner is an end-user application, simple PC users might disable critical Windows services without knowledge thereof (and flame the forums afterwards, of course). Also, CCleaner was successful due to its simple interface. If you i
  3. can't you just use the administrative tools for this?
  4. Yup, win 7 is the first. Also linux
  5. Honestly, I kind of consider TRIM similar to garbage collection used in virtual machines (see Java). The operation is handled internally, and shouldn't be manually accessed; you should leave the low-level stuff to the low-level tools (drivers, system calls). If you're actually running a pre Win7 OS, I would say that upgrading to Win7 (or 8, actually cheap) would be a better idea than risking an unstable third party implementation of TRIM. Pretty high tech stuff
  6. I don't understand what you want to say.
  7. It's a feature request, that's supposed to make the application easier to use. So using batch files would just make it harder Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  8. Hello everyone. I regularly use CCleaner, and I would like to make a suggestion. When I run CCleaner 1-2 times a week, i generally clean the browser cache, the basic system stuff (recycle bin, temp files etc.). One in a while though, I also tick the more advanced stuff (windows error reporting, custom files and folders etc.). My suggestion is to create a Profiles listbox or combobox, so that everytime i want to clean "the advanced stuff" i would select my "Advanced profile", which i previously used. That way, I won't have to tick/untick the checkboxes every time, while ensuring i
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