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    I'm a cat lover . They are such beautiful creatures and so lovable. I like dogs as long as I don't have to contend with them. I have a Siamese mix named BO who is 7 years old Bo calls me his human pet as he allows me to live with him. He doesn't like most people and I can't understand this as I have raised him from a six week old kitten. My Bokat hisses and spits at people he hs known all his life. I have never had a cat like this before , but I love him dearly and he loves me. Right now he is laying on my computer desk watching the screen as I type this post lol.
  2. Did not know where to put this as you have nothing that I can find for general questions and such. but I am just wondering why so many frequent updates ? it has really become an inconvenience for me. And I can not tell any difference from one update to the next. So , now I no longer update but twice a year. Every six months I will update ccleaner as I consider that enough for updates. Thanks for an excellent product that i would not be without.
  3. Thanks for that info Hazelnut I do tend to get kind of frustrated at times. I will try to remain calm. Glad to know it isn't my cCleaner but IE8
  4. [quote Robbie " I've also got this problem with IE8 when running CCleaner on my Vista laptop. I posted about this in the CCleaner Bug Reporting section but didn't receive a reply. To be honest, I don't think it is a CCleaner bug but something to do with the interoperability of IE8 and CCleaner on Vista. The problem wasn't there when I was running IE7. My post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21753 I had no problems with Firefox though, apart from a bug that was identified and cleared up with the latest CCleaner release. This IE8 problem doesn't occur on my XP PC though even though it too is running IE8. I'm at a loss what to do to resolve the issue.] Robbie , glad you posted about IE8 and Vista. That is the problem!! I installed IE8 and that is exactly when this problem started. It was not doing this with IE7. Thanks so much for that. It is not cCleaner after all , but IE8 intergration with cCleaner. So happy to find this out because cCleaner has been my life line lol. And I was just devastated because I thought it had changed.
  5. I want to apologize . I downloaded several older versions and they all had the little window that IE Internet options has when deleting files , history , etc. I also apologize to Hazelnut. You are right. I did uncheck the Yahoo Toolbar and it did not put it on there. Yes , I have received some help here , but noticed in looking over these forums that a lot of posts don't have very many results , so maybe I should be happy with my two posters that responded. Anyway. My problem is solved. Thanks for all your help moderators.
  6. I need help with a ccleaner slim older version. Is there somewhere I can receive help ? I have not got any on these forums and I NEEED HELP PLEASE
  7. anyway on the file hippo page with all the past versions. I see no way to download another version. When I click on a version , there is no download link to come up to download it. So how do I ?
  8. Hazelnut , these versions in the link you gave are all 2.19.901 I need an earlier version.
  9. I will come again. I need an older slim version of ccleaner. Where can I get one other than at file Hippo Right now , I do not have ccleaner as I have uninstalled it. The last two versions changed it and I don't like it that way. So I am looking for an older slim version.
  10. No , I know what I did. I unchecked the Yahoo toolbar option and it put the toolbar on there anyway. I do know what I am talking about I like to have never got that toolbar off . it took over everything and made itself the default search in my address bar. I finally got rid of that virus and never want to take a chance of it getting on my computer again. Yahoo Toolbar is like a virus. BAD
  11. These are not past versions. All showing are recent ones. I want an older slim version.
  12. Can someone give me another download link besides the Filehippo? I don't use these people because they put other software on your downloads. I want the slim version without the Yahoo toolbar. it says it is an option , but even though you uncheck the toolbar thing , it puts it on there anyway. So I have learned to steer clear of Filelhippo. Don't use them at all. I use Major Geeks or Cnet downloads. No others.
  13. Something is sooooo different about cCleaner and it is definitely NOT good. When I scan , it always says it is deleting IE files. On deletion , a small window comes up and says it is deleting IE history. This is the same little window that comes up when you go into IE Internet options to delete history , temporary internet files , etc. So what do I need cCleaner for if it is only doing what I can do in Internet options? it use to not be this way. I don't like it one bit . it is not deleting my Firefox and Firefox is the browser I use. NOT IE. Please tell me where I can download an old version of cCleaner. A version that does not put that little Windows window up there . I don't need cCleaner as it is. Hey cCleaner guys , if you read this forum. Leave cCleaner alone. You had a good thing , and you are messing it up with trying to improve it. Any way you have too too many recent updates to cCleaner. One or two a year is a God's plenty. So can someone tell me what is wrong with this software. because if they can't tell me , i do plan to move on to another cleaner. cCleaner is ruined with so-called improvements.
  14. Thanks a bunch Tony. That took care of it. My problem is solved.
  15. Yes LOL , we do mean the same folder. It is called Temp for the Temorary files and the Temporary Internet file folder is spelled out. Thanks Tony. I went into ccleaner under options , advanced and unchecked the one that said to only delete files older than 48 hours. That might solve my problem as it was checked. I will try later when I get more files built up as I just cleaned and deleted those myself. Will let everyone know if it was solved. Oh , and I want to add that you guys and gals are the greatest. I am so glad I came here. These are very informative forums.
  16. I meam Temporary files NOT Temporary Internet Files and yes , there should be a Temporary file folder as well as a Temporary Internet file folder along with a History Folder , and Application folder. Has been ever since I had my computer and that has been four years. Windows XP SP2. Below is how I get there: My Computer>Local Disk "C">Documents and Settings> User Name>Local Settings>. Click on the LOCAL Settings folder and it opens to show the Temporary File folder , a Temporary Internet file folder , an Application folder , and a History folder. Click on each folder to see the files there.
  17. Cowboy , you can create a manual dialup with Earthlink without using their software. I did. Just sign up for their dialup internet service and once you have your user name and password and are in their system , you can create a manual dialup. It is far better than their software. Their tech support can lead you through the process if needed.
  18. The temporary files that you find when you go to "C" Drive>Documents and Settings>User Name> Local Settings> Temporary. Forever, since I have been using cCleaner and that has been for almost a year now., it has Never failed to delete these temporary files. All of them except for four. Now , I have to do it manually. This only started with this last update.
  19. Hello. This is my first post. I have been using ccleaner for quite a while and have never had problems with it before this last version. I have version 1.31.325. This version is not removing the temporary files. I have it checked to do so , but it doesn't. I uninstalled ccleaner and reinstalled it. I then ran it and it got rid of the temporary files. But now , it is back to not deleting them. I think there must be a bug in this version. I am ready to go back to an earlier version of ccleaner.
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