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  1. Yes, lets not invent a turbocharged wheel here.
  2. Not sure I'm quite following you there, but I have never evidenced any settings being off from what was seleceted. I however don't have a winapp2.ini in my cc folder, only a ccleaner.ini and a portable.dat.
  3. All right, a critical mass is being achieved
  4. Hello gents. I have one small suggestion which imo should be considered as it can save people some time: the "memory dumps" checkbox under "system" on the cleaner/windows tab should be unchecked by default as deleting memory dumps before someone had a chance to look at them can be... well, problematic. Mini memory dumps are usually not that large and the person who has loads of them has much more pressing matters to tend to then doing some temporary files cleanup. That's all from me, regards
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