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  1. Bug 1: If i choose "Select only Folder X", then i ALSO get all the subfolders UNDER folder X. That should not happen. Bug 2: If i select D: drive entire SD card, the scan runs all night, many hours, never ends. Bug 3: When i add one or more folders (including ALL folders on the drive in "Bug 2" above) and search, i get "File search completed" immediately, and no results.
  2. ok, i had auto-update turned on. With auto-update turned off, will CCleaner still check for update every time i run it? thx!
  3. v. 5.74.8198 (64 bit) I turned off "Minimize to System Tray". But, when i close CCleaner, it still minimizes to System Tray. Any fix? thx
  4. Custom Clean purged my Downloads folder. Which setting controls that? thx
  5. When this problem occurs, CCleaner itself doesn't link to this forum thread. It links to this web-page, which states: That location didn't exist in my registry-- maybe because it doesn't exist by default (in which case that ccleaner page gives wrong info, and should be corrected), or because i uninstalled Edge. I don't know. The automated fix shared here worked for me. Maybe the auto-fix shared here should be added to that page? thx
  6. The manual fix doesn't work for me. I think i uninstalled Edge, because it isn't listed in registry at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\MicrosoftEdge]
  7. How can i stop ccleaner from clearing recent application in my start menu? http://www.classicshell.net/ thx
  8. FATAL BUG: CCleaner 5.x Win x64 on Win 8 On clean, ccleaner spins on the first file forever. On cancel clean, entire computer freezes and i have to force restart the computer. ps, this thread says "beta". did ccleaner 4.x tell me to upgrade to a BETA? It should NOT have!
  9. Hi trying to find documentation for regedit option, in Cleaner/Applications/Windows i don't understand what this option does. Cannot find it here: http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-rules/applications-tab any help is appreciated. thx
  10. Please add "Show in Explorer" to right-click menu on line-items in Tools > Uninstall. This is helpful when the uninstaller: requires a change to "compatibility" settings before it can execute, or fails to display the Admin password dialog box thx
  11. hello steps to reproduce problem: log into windows admin account that has admin privileges start ccleaner click 'tools' section in program list, select a program click 'uninstall' button receive "Access is denied" error message. i reinstalled ccleaner, but that did not help. what should i do? thanks!
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