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  1. Hi. since I started using portable browsers and other important programs, Ccleaner doesn´t detect them. It would be nice, if Ccleaner has also the option to be used with portable programs, specially portable browsers like Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox, Waterfox and Slimjet. Until now, Ccleaner detects only installed programs and browsers. Thanks
  2. No. It´s a single local account, in a single machine.
  3. I tested ((Voldemort), but I uninstalled it about 6 months ago. I never used winapp2 file. (Moderator edit - renamed the unnamable - nergal)
  4. If I use the default cleaner of windows 8, 8.1 and 10, the accounts are still there after cleanup. But using Ccleaner (latest version), even the portable version, my accounts are deleted and I must configure them again. Windows 10 is Build 10056.
  5. Hi. I´m using Ccleaner for years. But I found an issue. Once a month after Microsoft launched all the monthly updates, I use Ccleaner to clean up my system. But after cleaning, the program also deletes my accounts from App "Mail". Than, I must configure all my accounts again. Is there a way to stop deleting my accounts when using Ccleaner? I´m running Windows 8.1 64 Bits up to date. But I tested the program on Windows 10, and there it also happens. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi.I´m using the latest verison of Ccleaner under Windows 8 Release Preview.I don´t know if it is a bug, but when I start the program, and go under TOOLS > UNINSTALL, there are some programs installed, but they don´t show the icons.I uninstalled the program with Revo uninstaller, but after a fresh install, the problem with the icons is still the same.Can it be a bug, because under Windows 8 consumer Preview I didn´t have this problem.
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