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  1. Ah, I didn't realize I could right-click on the name to enter the wild card characters. Thanks!
  2. I guess my problem is that the name of the directory that Google Drive creates changes each time the Google Drive application is started. I would like CCleaner to clean up the files in C:\Users\Chukhung\AppData\Local\Temp except for the _MEI????? subdirectory currently being used by Google Drive. Unfortunately, the name of that subdirectory keeps changing...
  3. Some further information: When the Google Drive application is running, it creates a directory under C:\Users\Chukhung\AppData\Local\Temp with a name like "_MEI54082" (the last five digits of the directory name change every time the Google Drive application is started). Within this directory are a large number of subdirectories, DLLs, and what appear to be Python files. This directory disappears when the Google Drive application is shut down manually. I looked at the contents of this directory before and after running CCleaner (while I left the Google Drive application running). The _MEIxxxxx directory went from 24.2 MB, 170 files, and 93 folders to 18.5 MB, 33 files, and 0 folders after I ran CCleaner. I'm guessing that Google Drive gets seriously confused when CCleaner partially deletes the contents of this directory.
  4. Nergal: I have tried running CCleaner will all Chrome options unchecked. The same error occurs. Alan_B: Here's how I can reproduce the problem, step by step. 1) Re-boot the PC. Note that I have set up the Google Drive application to start automatically (this is the default), so googledrivesync.exe is running shortly after the computer starts up. 2) Start CCleaner and click on the button that says "Run Cleaner". CCleaner runs without error messages or warnings. 3) Exit CCleaner. 4) Go to the Windows Start Menu and simply click Shutdown. googledrivesync.exe gives the message listed in my original post and the Windows shutdown will hang until the message is dismissed. Note that if I attempt to access the Google Drive application after Step 3, it's unresponsive. I can't manually stop the Google Drive application after I've run CCleaner because Google Drive doesn't seem to actually do anything when I click "Quit". Thanks.
  5. Symptoms: If CCleaner is run while the Google Drive application is running, Google Drive will crash when Windows is shut down. This will cause the Windows shutdown to hang. googledrivesync.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x03d700ff referenced memory at 0x0000001c. This memory could not be written. Configuration: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit SP1. Google Drive version 1.1.3019.0542. Piriform CCleaner version 3.19.1721. Workaround: Quit the Google Drive application before running CCleaner. Notes: Frankly, I think this is probably a bug in Google Drive and not CCleaner but I wanted to report that the current versions of Google Drive and CCleaner don't play well together.
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