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  1. Just updated to version 5.77.8521 It skips Edge Chrome
  2. I just updated to version 5.77.8521 now it skips Edge Chrome. All checked boxes of Edge Chrome are reported as skipped.
  3. Well I reaklly screwed the pouch this time. I had a Dell Dimention 8400 with windows xp sp3 on it. I was having problems with my virus scanner, and Mcafee ran a chkdsk saw errors and said I needed to clean those up. I used chkdsk /f /r Nothing seemed to be happenning after 15 min I rebooted. You guessed it I must have corrupted some files I cannot boot to safe mode or reg windows. 1. How can I boot using recova? 2. get old files that are not corrupt??? --- 3. How would I know which files I needed to recova? I have 2 dvd drives and usb ports on the back, NO FLOPPY.
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