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  1. Thank you Crizal, I occasionally use Internet explorer, and have it set to clear everything when I close it. What I currently find strange, is that when I haven’t used IE, ccleaner still finds files to clean from IE history, cookies etc each time I clean.
  2. No replies? Does anyone know what a deprecated cookie is please?
  3. Hi of late ccleaner has been telling me it cleaned a deprecated cookie in folder appData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCookies\deprecated.cookie I always rerun ccleaner until it reports back that it has cleaned 'nothing'. But this deprecated cookie is always recleaned and never disappears. Can anyone tell me what it is? And when I try to access the folder myself and none of my folders are hidden, 'inetcokies' does not exist?
  4. I have downloaded the latest version of defraggler (2.10.413) on 2 64 bit windows 7 machines, I see my boot defrag is not running when I go to settings it is disabled. When I try and enable it tells me it was unable to schedule the boot time defrag. Please make sure you have administrative privileges. I have always 'run as administrator' . It is the free version, does anyone have any ideas please (I have uninstalled and reinstalled on one of the machines and it still won't allow boot defrag) Thanks Albear
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