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  1. What I can add to my message is that: - Speccy on my Windows 7 64-bit machine works without a hitch. - I tried to uninstall Speccy completely (with Revo uninstaller) from my XP machine then re-install it - to no avail. - Re-booting doesn't work either... haku
  2. Got exactly the same problem but on an XP¨SP3 32-bit laptop. This happened all of a sudden since up to now Speccy has been working without fail and was properly updated to v.1.18.379. The failures are preceded by an error message saying: "CPU dll init failed (error 8). Some information will not be displayed". What is to be done? haku
  3. Hi everybody Same problem here. Completely uninstalling the program (version 1.15.309 and I mean completely: with Revo Uninstaller utility), downloading the latest version setup (1.16.317), restarting Windows, then re-installing the program took care of the problem. No real reason for it though. Just a detail: first I tried to install the new version over the old one and it refused to do so on the moment that the main program (speccy.exe) would have been written to the folder. Oh, and yes: I re-installed on another partition. All this may not mean anything particular - but I still would like to know what caused the mishap (only on one of my machines). Final detail: I had just updated all official Microsoft updates for my XP SP3 OS (I do this manually once a month). Well, that's it. Bye haku
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