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  1. Sorry, I'm not familiar with 'MRU' settings, could you expand on this please. Thank you.
  2. Hi and thank you No, the only options I have checked are to be seen here: Also, I am at a loss over this 'MRU' issue. I have used spybot since its inception, without incident I might add and it has never had an effect on Windows Explorer\File Manager. I could size and place windows explorer\file manager at a particular place and size upon my desktop and it always came back in exactly the same place. The fact that it no longer does this over 1 WinXP Pro system and 3 WinXP Home systems leads me to believe its this program. This issue has only arrisen immediately after installing ccleaner. I know this as I thought it odd after I opened Windows Explorer\File Manager and found it had changed both position and size. I came to the forums and noticed a post regarding which settings do what. I followed the advice in that post and the result is shown above. However, I still found Windows Explorer\File Manager being presented all over the screen, usually in its smallest size despite my best efforts to get it to stick to one particular size. As I think I said above, I did think I could learn to live with it, but I use Windows Explorer\File Manager at least once every 20 minutes or so and as a result, this particular peculiarity which has existed for the last year is starting to drive me crazy! I run my monitor at its native resolution of 1920 x 1200 and it's getting to the point where by I open Windows Explorer and immediately think 'Where's Wally?'. If you can offer any further advice it would be appreciated, thank you once again.
  3. I started using ccleaner on both my Win XP Pro & WinXP Home systems about a year ago, I have updated it approximately 4 times in that period. After installing and using ccleaner, I noticed that Windows Explorer\File Manager no longer retained its settings on any of the systems I've used it upon. Can anyone enlighten me as to which file ccleaner removed from my systems so that I can once again tell windows how big and where exactly I want windows explorer\file manager displayed upon my screen. As it keeps defaulting to 'small' on all of them. I have put up with it for the best part of a year, but it's now starting to get annoying ! Thank you.
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