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  1. I wish to enter into a conversation regarding the problem of files in the "low content temporary internet files IE5" folder. I run scans with AVG and MSE software on my HP laptop. The AVG scan would take over a day, and the MSE scan wasn't much better. They both bogged down in the folder mentioned above. I constantly clear out the browser temporary folder and the browser is set to self-clean at closing. Yet, I ran CCleaner on my machine and I would like to share the results. There were 44,175 MB removed, including 44,636,450 KB (2.5 million files) in that temp folder. Now, my question is this: What does CCleaner do differently to locate and eliminate these files? No other process worked. My computer runs like a new machine now. The anti-virus scans take less than an hour. I am mystified -- and happy. I asked Piriform this question, and they suggested using the Forum.

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