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  1. Online Armor for me and i love this program.
  2. I dont recommend them at all. I used a duplicate cleaner and it nearly hosed my system completely. i dont see any real benefit in using them to be honest. As i say i will not use one again and i would never advocate using one either.
  3. darren39


    Hello forum and greetings to all. Is anybody using drivermax by any chance? Personally i dont install every update it recommends i just update the driver if there is a problem with a certain device. I think it would be kind of dangerous to install drivers constantly and ive always had a problem with the sound driver it suggests. I just wondered what forum members thought of this program and updating the drivers in general. Kind regards.
  4. hi Is shadow defender worth trying.i understand it is not supported anymore and the developer by the name of tony has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth.
  5. hi thank you piriform for fixing this, I updated defraggler and the boot time defrag works just fine now. thanks again.
  6. i would say ccleaner is by far the safest cleaner out there.ive used it for years and never once had any problems.other cleaners notably registry cleaners can hose your system on the next reboot.dangerous programs in my opinion and pure snake oil.
  7. Greetings forum, I have decided to download oracle virtualbox and it is sitting in my downloads folder for the time being. I have never used this program before ever so i am a little apprehensive about using it. I understand i can download an ISO of any operating system to run in the virtual box. This is where i am getting a bit stuck with this,Ive seen on a different website that i can download a 500mb iso of ubuntu os. When i have downloaded this iso is it simply a case of using the downloaded iso to insert into the virtualbox or does it need to be burned on to cds? 500mb seems a lot o
  8. hello forum. Has anybody tried the toolwiz system care program at all? It contains a virtualisation program called time freeze. I have heard that these virtualisation programs are harmful to your hard drive in some way. Any truth in this? Kind Regards,
  9. I use avast free anti-virus. the array of shields and protection is wonderful for a free program..How on earth can you knock this program when you see the protection it provides at no cost to the user.we should be very thankful to the avast team for giving us this lovely free anti virus.
  10. well that is certainly the opposite to what i have heard.SSL certificates being handed out to known malware distributors etc.and there is lengthy press to show this.putting that aside i have used the full comodo internet security and it protected my computer very well.
  11. Can anybody say how effectively you can test a firewall.? Ive used the shields up test site,plus the pcflank site as well. Incidentally this is why i uninstalled private firewall because the firewall ports would not stealth. Is it a reliable testing site.?
  12. im using the online armor firewall. It seems very effective and works well with my computer. I was using the comodo firewall but i just dont like the program and i have heard a lot of bad things about the company. I tried private firewall but i couldnt get the ports to stealth status.(so the shields up test revealed).i dont know how legitimate that test is.?
  13. Hi . Thank you very much for your replies. I also do use macrium reflect to back up to my external hard drive. I use malwarebytes and superantispyware as on demand scanners which i use periodically. Thank you for the input on this..I hear so many contrasting reports on different security products and their effectiveness. Ive not experienced any form of slow downs what so ever. Thanks again.
  14. Hello. Im currently using online armor and avast free anti virus. Is this a good security set up.? Ive been very happy with this set up and it hasnt affected my computer one bit. Just wondered what other forum members thought of the products i have installed.. Many thanks.
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