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  1. EDIT: Speccy is still not working normally. I'll be posting on this one now since my problem is closely related to the OP here:http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=35681
  2. The same exact thing is happening to me.Speccy only shows my OS but is stuck at analyzing everything else. I have Windows 7 Ultimate too. My computer locks up because Speccy uses so much ram. Also after ending Speccy with task manager it still takes up ram so I have to restart my computer.
  3. It is now working correctly after I used the download file from filehippo.
  4. This is on the latest version 1.16, I turn on Speccy and have my computer hang. I can move my mouse but cant click on anything. I checked my task manager and Speccy was using 3gb of my 4gb ram. The only way to turn it off was to use Task Manager. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate.
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